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This is the story of Rudy


Rudy was rescued by BCHS when he was four months old. His owners had abandoned him and his three brothers and sister at a campground. They were living under a camper when BCHS came and got the Labrador Retriever and Shepherd mix puppies. They did not get all the socialization they should have when they were little puppies so Rudy was very scared of new people and new places. Going to busy and confusing adoption day events was not fun for him but he enjoyed the patient, one-on-one attention with most volunteers back at his BCHS dog kennels home. He loved to play in water from a hose with his brother Prancer. By now, Rudy was about one year old. Then one wonderful day a family with a dog who looked as if he could be Rudy's twin came to adoption day to meet him. The two dogs got along great and the family was eager to work with Rudy's social fears and promised to love him forever.

This is an email Rudy's family sent us soon after they adopted him:

Dear Rachel,

I wanted to write you and give you an update on how Rudy is doing. I know that you and your husband love him and miss him very much, and that you would appreciate such information.

Rudy is doing much better. He has been eating his food and going to the bathroom like he should. He really enjoys being with Bo and the two of them have been playing together. Tails are up and wagging. Bo has truly made a HUGE difference in helping him adjust to his new environment and his new people. He loves going for walks with Bo around the neighborhood. Bo has been even sharing his bone with him. The two of them are like two peas in a pod. You may be happy to know that he does not hide in his crate. In fact, this morning when I opened the crate he came out happy and wagging his tail.

He does have a lot of fear and if a situation arises that he is not comfortable with, such as a noisy lawnmower or kids, he starts shaking and foaming from the mouth. We take him inside the house during such times, so that he may calm down.

It was a tough trip home for him [the afternoon of the adoption], but by the evening he was comfortable enough to sleep in Bo's bed.

I want to assure you that Rudy is a very lucky dog. He has found a good home and he is and will be taken care of as one of our own. I truly appreciate your help in adding this new member to our family.


Anatoly & Carolyn

Rudy Happy! Rudy Happy! Rudy Happy! Rudy Happy! Rudy Happy! Rudy Happy! Rudy Happy! Rudy Happy!


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