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This is the story of Simon

Simon Puppy Simon at PetSmart

Simon was part of an 8-puppy Lab-Retriever mix litter that BCHS rescued in early 2005. Simon was adopted right away by the kind of family we hope for for all of our animals. It makes us so happy to hear that they are willing to do whatever they can to give their dog a good life.

November 2011 - a series of email letters and photos received from the family who adopted Simon:

Hello All,

We wanted to give you an update on Simon, whom we adopted from you 6 years ago last spring. Simon was just 8 weeks old when we took him home and small enough to hold in my arms. Now he weighs 97 pounds!

We recently discovered that Simon has Cushing's Disease. His adrenal glands were producing too much cortisol which causes extreme thirst and hunger, lethargy and intolerance to heat, as well as other symptoms. We first noticed something was wrong when he began to pee in the house, which was very uncharacteristic of him. We took him to our wonderful vet, Dr. Lange, at Elm Point Animal Hospital in St. Charles MO, to see if he had a urinary track infection or possibly diabetes. When the tests came back negative he suggested we test Simon for Cushing's Disease and sure enough that's what was causing him so much distress. Cushing's can't be cured but there is a treatment, it's expensive but Simon is worth it.

He's been on the medication for about a month now and we can't believe how much he's changed. He's full of energy, playful and very happy. We joke about how we've got a new dog. He must have been sick for a very long time because we only remember him being this active as a young dog. He will require treatment for the rest of his life but our vet tells us Simon has a normal life expectancy and we're VERY happy about that.

When he was first diagnosed we called several pharmacies to try to get the best price on his medication. When we called Walgreens to inquire about the drug, they told us that for a $20/year membership fee we could get a prescription savings card for Simon. It would save us 20% each time we filled the prescription which equates to $35/month. We were shocked! We are so impressed with their generosity. Simon just got his prescription card in the mail but we aren't sure how he's going to sign the back!

You say Simon is so fortunate to be a part of our family, but we think WE are the fortunate ones. Simon is such a wonderful dog and we love him so much. We hope you are all doing well too!

Sincerely, Tom, Leslie and Simon

Simon Happy! Simon Simon


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