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This is the story of Star

Star Star

In early 2012, Star was a 5 year old Domestic Long Hair black cat with a white medalion of fur on her chest. Her adoptable pet profile read: "She has been with BCHS since she was about 4 weeks old. Star, her litter mates, and Mom were strays rescued by BCHS. They were all very ill when they first arrived at BCHS in May 2007. Star and one of her littermates recovered, but the other one did not. Star then developed a chronic case of sneezing. She has been treated with every antibiotic the vet could think of and she still sneezes. It is suspected that Star has feline herpes. She receives an over the counter medication, Viralys 2x/day to treat the symptoms and she is kept away from any other cats because there is a possibility her condition is contagious. Star will probably need to be on Viralys to control her symptoms for the rest of her life. Star is pictured with a girl, Kristin, who would visit Star every week and hold her. Kristin had spinabifuda and was confined to a wheel chair with a breathing apparatus, but none of this mattered to Star. She just loved being held. There was certainly a special bond between the two of them, but that all ended when Kristin died in November 2007. Star is a very special cat and gives unconditional love. She would make a wonderful feline companion for someone."

And now Star is where she belongs again, in a forever home with a fur-ever fur-iend.

Following is Star's happy tail story adapted from a letter written by the woman who adopted Star:

Star came to Bond County Humane Society with her mom Raven, her sister Puff and her brother Smokey. Star and her siblings were very sick with Coccidia. They were skin and bones with a lot of hair. Smokey didn't make it. Star then got sick with E. coli. We almost lost her twice, but were able to nurse her back to health. Star's immune system was weakened so she developed Feline Herpes. Feline Herpes is an upper respiratory infection that she will have all her life.

Star was adopted in 2010 and returned in 2011 because the man who adopted her couldn't take a cat where he was moving.

Star was adopted again in January 2012 into her furever home by a BCHS volunteer - KayAnna, our Vice President of Feline Wellness. "I had fallen in love with her the day I saw her 5 years ago," KayAnna writes. "Star is a mischievous, fun and lovable cat. Her sister Puff, who was adopted and returned, and Raven their mother are both available today for adoption at BCHS. They all look alike: beautiful, long haired black cats."

KayAnna entered Star in BCHS's 2013 Calendar Cover Photo contest and Star did very well in the competition. You can find her gazing out at you all February.

Star Happy? This might be as happy as she gets...


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