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This is the story of Stephanie


In April 2014, Bond County Humane Society received a phone call from a Greenville resident who'd been feeding a stray cat, an adult dilute Calico. She reported the cat had a litter of kittens a few days before and had just shown up next to her house covered in blood and sitting next to the food bowl curled up in a ball. A BCHS volunteer rushed to investigate the situation. Upon seeing the condition of the cat she was taken immediately to Greenville Veterinary Clinic for a medical assessment. The veterinarian determined that the cat was about five years old, and she had given birth but had experienced complications and had a prolapsed uterus. She was also badly injured, possibly by another animal. Her jaw was broken and her left eye injured to the point the vet recommended removal of the eye. The entire time she was examined she purred! She was named Stephanie and had emergency surgery the same day which included a spay to correct the prolapsed uterus and removal of her left eye. We did not know if Stephanie would survive the surgeries or the recovery but we had to try. Efforts were also made to find her kittens, but there was no sign of them anywhere.

Happily, Stephanie came through, purring all the time and loving the attention. She turned out to be a playful and extremely affectionate cat; she knew that she was just as beautiful with one eye as her original two and she would be a great addition to a loving family. By the end of May we made Stephanie available for adoption, but it wasn't until three months later we met a young woman at a Petco store adoption event who fell absolutely in love with Stephanie and her rescue story. The woman and her mother had four other house cats, a dog and various small mammals and reptiles in their home, most of them with long stories of their own. Their home is practically an ark for needy, loving animals.

Stephanie's new family sent us this update and photo a few months later:

To Rachel & BCHS,

Stephanie is now Tonka and doing GREAT. At first she would never leave my room. We put her food dish in the bathroom and I had to coax her out from under the bed to eat. She finally got the hang of that, but the minute she finished eating, she would go right back to hiding. We then started to "catch" her and bring her out into the living room with us. Little by little she began staying out there and then starting coming out on her own. Mind you, she had to adjust to a dog 4 times larger than her and four other cats. She now hisses at them and they run away. I think the claws have something to do with it as the other cats only have their back claws. The dog is another story.

Tonka is now roaming the house with no problems. She loves going downstairs to my daughter's room and hanging out but every night she is back in my room sleeping with me. She still looks for her food in the bathroom but that has long since stopped. She now socializes with all of the cats, dogs and people. She has put on weight and is having no problems despite the loss of an eye. She is "soft and cuddly" as my daughter would say. She has made a great addition to the family.

Thank you, Julie Sparkman - December 3, 2014

Tonka (shelter name Stephanie)


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