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This is the story of Tillie


Her August 2009 profile read:

Tillie is a Golden Retriever approximately 5 months old. She was found as a stray. Tillie is very sociable with people and gets along with other dogs. She is very sweet and loves to lay around. Tillie is crate trained and is working on housetraining.

Following is an email received from the family who adopted Tillie:

Good morning:

We adopted Tillie last Saturday and cannot be happier with her. Her name is Molly now and she already answers to it and comes (usually) when she's called.

She is the sweetest dog, so gentle and well behaved. House training is going great. No accidents at all. She sleeps in her crate all night, walks well on a leash, and eats politely over her bowl. She's everything we wanted in a dog.

We do have one question. When you had her did she ever bark at anything? We have not heard her bark at all: even when she sees the neighbors' dogs or bunnies in the yard or when another dogs barks at her. She seemed to start to bark a couple of times but never has actually barked. It's no big deal since our previous dog was a barker and it was such a bother at times. We are just curious if she is able to bark.

Thanks for posting Molly (aka Tillie) on She's perfect.

Barb and David Anderson


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