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This is the story of Tramp


Tramp was a 1 year old stray Beagle dog that was known by all the customers who visited a discount retail store in Greenville, Illinois. He would come close enough to store employees and nearby construction workers to get food, but would never allow them to pet him. Bond County Humane Society tried for a week to trap Tramp, but he was too street smart to be trapped. After weeks of everyone trying to catch him, he wandered into a building with construction workers and they held him hostage in the building until BCHS could pick him up. Tramp was treated and successfully recovered from parvovirus.

In October 2005, BCHS brought Tramp to PetSmart in Glen Carbon, Illinois for an Adoption Event. In a fortunate happenstance, a couple of cat owners stopped into the pet supply store because they'd noticed several animal rescues were holding adoptions that day and they hoped to find a suitable German Shepherd. Instead, the woman immediately fell in love with Tramp the Beagle. And more importantly, Tramp fell in love with her after a day of avoiding other shoppers and potential adopters. They adopted him that week.

Tramp's adoptive Mom wrote this wonderful electronic letter update for BCHS in August 2013:

“So, here is the story of Tramp. I tried to do this in a nutshell with our life with Tramp as it was very hard to do.

Dan & I took some things to the Goodwill store in Glen Carbon and he wanted to go to PetSmart (he couldn't remember why) and I had no clue as I had two cats (one was on prescription food) so both ate the same.

It was adoption day (there were 2 or 3 different Humane Societies) that day and Dan really wanted a dog, German Shepherd was his preference. We visited one, took a dog for a walk and he was a GS mix, sweet dog and I think he was 6, he'd been adopted, returned, etc and I was so worried about his age that they would end up euthanizing him. Let them know we'd have to think about it as they really couldn't give us a history on why constant surrender of the dog. We walked down another aisle and there was Bond County Humane Society with Lab puppies, Daisy the female German Shepherd (that Dan talked forever about with Rachel, [BCHS President and Adoption Counselor]) and then there was Tramp. He was in his crate with adults and kids poking their hands in the crate to touch him and shook horribly with the look on his face of 'Get me out of here, I don't belong here.' Yes, he saw me and he never took his eyes off me.

Once everyone left his crate, (Dan was still talking to Rachel) I went over to Tramp's crate, sat on the floor, talked to him and next thing I knew, he got off his bed to check me out. I put my hand up to the crate and then he licked my hand. All was over at that time, I just had to have him. I filled out my on-line application for him and was through the roof when Rachel sent me the e-mail letting us know we were APPROVED!!

Tramp was a feisty little boy!! We didn't have gates on our fence yet, but, when he would be out in the yard with us, he would get a look on his face (like a little kid getting ready to do something they weren't supposed to do) and I knew he was leaving the yard. I would go on foot or get in my car to look for him. Come back home, he'd be on the back patio sitting there waiting with the look of 'Where've you been?' He also didn't like Dan at first either, would growl at him when he came home from work!! Rachel did put me in contact with someone to help this situation.

Tramp always played chase with my cat Cocoa (she passed 7 years ago) and they were so funny to watch as she would jump on the back of the loveseat, Tramp would come into the living room and not know where she was and then, as he walked past, she'd pop him in the head with her paw and chase time would start all over!! Sam the cat never really got into that as he's very laid back.

We got Dutch (GS mix) 8 months later and Tramp decided Dan wasn't such a bad guy after all!! That's when we moved from St. Jacob to Carlyle.

Tramp's travels have included camping at Bull Shoals White River State Park for Trout Fishing, travels to Arlington, TX to visit family, Niagara Falls, NY all the way to Maine. He travels well and doesn't like to leave my side. In the years that we've had him, we've added 3 more dogs (Dutch, GS mix, Zeus, GS & Sasha, GS) and we still have Sam the cat who's 16.

I kept his name 'Tramp' as growing up, I had a Beagle and her name was Lady. So, I've had Lady And The Tramp in my lifetime and it's not been an animated movie. Tramp is my cuddle bug.

If someone else would have adopted Tramp, I don't know what his life could have been like. All I know is since we've had him, he's been happy, loved, well traveled, well taken care of and I wouldn't trade him in a million years or dollars. I could go on and on about him!!

If it wasn't for Tramp, we would never be involved with Paws In The Park, the Wag' N' Walk or with the dog shelter. We commend Dennis and Rachel for all they've done in creating Bond County Humane Society and we are here to help them where we can as they deserve all the help required to keep this No Kill facility running.


Tramp in 2013 with his little brother Zeus Tramp's entry in the 2013 BCHS Calendar Photo Contest



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