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This is the story of Trey

Trey Trey

In early June 2012, Trey was a 12 week old kitten, white with grey markings on his fur. He and his 2 long-haired sisters were found behind a produce stand when they were about 4 weeks old. Their mother was dead and they were suffering from ringworm and ear mites when a nice man brought them to Bond County Humane Society. The volunteers at BCHS took very good care of them and they were made available for adoption. Trey had a ton of energy and was anxious to play all the time. The three kittens gave the volunteers a lot of trouble because when the crate door was opened the kittens would take off in 3 different directions. All 3 kittens in the litter were soon adopted.

Following is an email received on June 28, 2012 from the family who adopted Trey (they've re-named him Jesse):

Hi Rachel,

Just wanted to give you an update on Trey. He is doing just fine! He seems to be adjusting to his new environment very quickly. We have stairs and he mastered these in no time. He's very fast and really keeps me on my toes. John and I just love him! He is the very sweetest kitty. He has tried very hard to get to know our cat, Joey, but Joey is being very hard to get to know, however things are slowly progressing in a positve direction.

I've attached a few pics of Trey. He seems to have grown a lot in just a few days! By the way, we re-named him Jesse. Trey just wasn't working real good for us. He already knows and is responding to his new name.

Hope all is well there. Thank you again for your loving care.

Pat Marsh

Trey Happy! Trey under the table! Trey with his new buddy Joey!


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