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This is the story of Yuri


Yuri, his mom, and seven littermates were abandoned in a cardboard box and a kind lady took the entire family in, caring for them until the puppies were weaned. She kept the momma dog as a pet and surrendered the Blue Heeler mix puppies to Bond County Humane Society so we could find them permanent homes. Yuri was adopted in November 2016.

Here is a lengthy and fantastic letter his new parents shared with us:


Thank you for the newest addition to our family! Yuri has been such a great dog to us, and it is a blast getting to know him. He is so smart and he has learned so much! He knows how to come, sit, down, and jump over my legs! We are learning how to stay now, which is proving to be a little more challenging, but Yuri is up to the test! He is certainly keeping us busy. On top of being super smart, he is also so funny! He goes from being a fireball of energy zipping from one end of the house to the other to being a giant cuddle bug! He loves to be held and loved.

The brindle in him is coming out a lot more. It much more visible in his face and on his chest, and more prominent on all four legs. He even has some on his ears! We have been rubbing and playing with his feet to make nail trims a no-biggie. His favorite toys are nyla bones and the stuffed elephant squeaker toy we got at Petco the day after we adopted him!

He has also made quite a few friends, two and four legged! He does wonderful with Santy's little cousins - both boys grew up in a household afraid of dogs. He is the perfect mixture of playful and cuddly that they feel comfortable around him. The oldest even held him the other day!

And he loves coming to work with me at the St. Joseph Animal Hospital. He follows our diabetic clinic cat, Tiger, around everywhere. He is the best big brother to our little Yuri and outweighs him by a whopping eight pounds! (I also weighed Yuri for the first time today -- 8lbs 6oz!) Yuri is quite the lady's man around the clinic. All my coworkers adore him! When it is quiet we let him run around, but he never strays far.

He also loves to play with my two dogs. When Santy is at work, he stays with me, and he is kind of in love with my Vizsla, Ginger. He climbs all over her and gives her lots of kisses! Tuck, the Weimaraner, is still unsure about how he feels about another puppy taking some of his attention, but he is very tolerant and goes about his own business until it is time for Yuri to go home.

A few things we have learned about Yuri are: Yuri loves his neighborhood walks. He lets you get a certain distance ahead before he comes running after you! He also likes to eat dust bunnies off of the floor - yuck! He loves the couch life. We are still learning to master the stairs, though. He is also a big fatty!! I have never seen a puppy devour food as fast as he does. Food-motivated is an understatement. Sometimes I don't even think he chews! But he is our cute little stinker and we love him with all of our hearts! Thank you all so much! We hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.

With All Our Love,

Jenna, Santy, and of course, Yuri Cazares
December 3, 2016

Yuri Yuri
Yuri Yuri


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