Adoption fee is $40 for cats / $75 for dogs

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Henry County Humane Society - Geneseo Chapter

Application for Pet Adoption

The Henry County Humane Society---Geneseo’s goal is to arrange adoptions which best suit both the animal and its new family. We reserve the right to refuse to place an animal in an unsafe or unsuitable environment. Please complete the following:

Who resides in your home besides yourself?



Give two personal references:


Phone Number

Hopefully, the pet you adopt will live for many years. Have you thought about whether you are ready to make that kind of long-term emotional and financial commitment? Pets are members of the family, not things that you can abandon or ignore when you tire of them. They cost money and need care and attention on a daily basis. Please consider carefully before you take one home!!

Thank you for your interest. We would love to help you find a pet!!!!

As soon as your application has been approved, we will contact you to arrange a time for you and your new best friend to get to know each other!!!!!!!!!

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