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“I always thought someone should do something about that...  Then I realized I am that someone.” MARCH 5, 2013 -After a long recovery, Blaze is now healthy and looking for a home. I couldn’t be happier!  SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 -We have wonderful news!!! Blaze, the blue pit bull, that was rescued last week off the streets by a wonderful  firefighter is heart worm negative. From the looks of him we would have never guessed. Someone was watching over this handsome  sweet boy!!!! Now to just get some weight on him, clean up his horrible scars, and show him how wonderful life can be.  SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 -We are taking this poor boy into our rescue. This is Blaze and he is approximately 4-6 years old. He was found  wandering the streets of St. Louis by a firefighter. This nice man started feeding Blaze and decided to call Four Paws Sake, Inc. for help.  Our wonderful vet clinic, Animal Care Center in Granite City, Illinois, is willing to help take care of Blaze’s medical needs, and a great  trainer, Matt Zeisset from Traveling Tails Inn in Edwardsville, Illinois is willing to foster. BLAZE MARCH 5, 2013 -Hugo visited Animal Care Center today. He has gained 28 pounds since January 10, 2013.   FEBRUARY 21, 2013 -Hugo was neutered today! YEAH! One step closer to adoption!  JANUARY 10, 2013 - Meet Hugo. This sweet boy was found at a gas station in Alton, Illinois by a family. He was so weak that he could not  stand. The family called Four Paws Sake, Inc. for help and we directed the family to bring Hugo to Animal Care Center in Granite City,  Illinois for treatment. He is less than 2 years old and had a laundry list of medical issues. Hugo is severely emaciated (grade 1 out of 10),  had a heart murmur (grade 4 out of 6), crypt orchid, prolapsed penis, no muscle mass. The good news was that he was heart worm  negative. We started him on IV fluids and sent a blood panel out. We are trying to get his heart running at least 50% better but the outlook  is not looking good. The vet bills are rising quickly and we are asking for donations.  Any help can make a big difference.    HUGO JANUARY 5, 2015 - Andrei went to the vet today and he gained 4 pounds and getting stronger! Woo Hoo! Prayers are working!  DECEMBER 30, 2014 -This handsome man went to the vet yesterday and he was super dehydrated. The vet was surprised he was even  walking. He has received some fluids and will continue to get them on and off until we can get him stronger. Andrei has a long road  ahead of him.  DECEMBER 27, 2014 -This is our new rescue today, Andrei.  He was found under a bookshelf outside of an abandonded house. He is  approximately 5-6 years old and weighs 28 pounds. He should weigh around 55 pounds. We are all stunned that this guy is still alive.  He needs alot of prayers and vet care. He was started on IV fluids and pray Andrei will hang in there. Please, if you can help, we need  donations to cover Andrei’s vet bills. Any help is greatly appreciated!        ANDREI