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We are a small facility, but very large in heart. For those of you that have met us, know us and have been to the shelter, you know how much we care about the animals that we serve. Every animal that we serve is a new friend for us to care for and love. Every animal that we adopt is a friend that we truly miss, at times it can be painful. We pick up and go on to help the next friend we meet. We look forward to meeting the animal lovers of the world. We are sure this is where you will find your next best friend, just look over there  --------------------------------------------------------------->

With all that that said, let me add this: Shelters as an industry are over crowded. We are all aware of this. Thus, the animal rescue - the individuals, the large groups that take it upon themselves to assist shelters in achieving the same goals - putting good dogs and cats into good homes. Thus, the animal transporters - the individuals, the groups that bridge the gap between the good animal and its good home. All three parties must work in concert with each other to achieve this goal. Sometimes in reaching toward this goal sacrifices are made. That "Heinz 57" of a cat that you wanted to rescue may turn out to be the cat from hell. Sometimes that dog of a specific breed was adopted to a good family before transport could be secured. My response to that is this: Good for that dog! Having more than one person to want one dog is a very good problem to have!

Is this little guy waiting to go home with you? Click on the featured pet above to visit that pet!

Don't litter, please Spay and Neuter your pets!
When you clean out your garage remember one man's throwaways are another man's treasures. You would be surprised at what we can use. Be sure to see our "Wish List" for some ideas.

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