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Aug 2010


I wanted to give you a little update on Maizy, who is now Sophie. She never responded to Maizy and we tried Daisy, but no response to that either. We decided to just throw out some names and the first one she responded to was Sophie. So Sophie it is. She's so sweet and is now showing all the signs of being bonded with us. She follows me around everywhere. Loves to go for car rides and walks. She gets a walk every morning after breakfast and then goes to the park a few times a week. We love her and want to thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her.


May 2010


Tucker is soo cute and doing so great. I just can't express that enough every time I think about how good he's doing and how far he's come from the first we met him.

Kate and Jake Bales


We adopted Tucker (aka Tyler) in January, 2010.We absolutely love Tucker.  He is such a neat little dog.  He is so well mannered and a real snuggle bug.  He brings us so much joy.  We are so thankful that you allowed us to adopt him.  He has a forever home with us

Thanks so much.

Jana Adams


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jack and Charlie are doing just fine. They are wearing each other out!
They play then lay down for a while and then right back at it. Jack thinks it fun to grab Charlie’s beard and hang on - Charlie just shakes him off and runs around him. Charlie is very good to Jack and very patient.

Thanks for such a wonderful little friend - we are in love with him already!


Sunday, June 7, 2009
Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee went to his forever home on June 7th!





Friday, June 5, 2009

Roscoe went to his forever home with fellow rescue dog, Marley, on June 5th!







Sunday, May 31, 200


Bella is taking up much of our time, which was very much needed. Naturally, we still think of Pepper. I have to admit that Bella is smarter. She reveals to us another side of her intelligence every day. And she responds readily to things I teach her. It's too good to be true. And affection? She has an abundance to give! So very lovable!!! Loves everyone. I am amazed that anyone could part with her. She continues to bring much love and joy into our home. Also, she enjoys riding in the car. Therefore, we have taken her with us four or five times, when I'm just going in a store for an item or two, and she and Bob wait in the car. Pepper kept wanting to come over on my lap, and that wasn't possible while I'm driving. Therefore we only took him to the Vet. & grooming, AFTER seeing he didn't enjoy riding. So Bella has added many joys to our life so far. She has DEFINITELY found herself a home! Just can't tell you in words how much we love her.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toby went to his forever home on May 30th!

Friday, May 22, 2009

..went to his forever home in Virginia with Darren and his family,
Darren writes:
It was a very tiring trip back to Virginia but we were definitely feeling it was worth it! Andy did very well. He stayed in his bed most of the journey and did great at all the stops. He ate last night in the hotel room. We have not yet used the crate as he has been so good in his bed. I known this will likely change as he gets settled and we are awaiting to see his other side. The intro went well with Pookie (terrier) and Jack (Maltese), proving what you said that he gets on well with other dogs (his alpha appears okay with each). It is the humans he is not so sure about yet.

At the house we thought it amusing that Andy takes food from the bowl and hides it in his bed.
Later Update

Andy is getting settled and we (dogs and family members) are getting acquainted. Pookie (elderly Terrier) and Jack (Maltese) both get along great with Andy and vice versa. At our house, we have had very few issues between Pookie and Andy. They sleep side by side in the family room. At my girlfriend's house, Andy seeks refuge up the stairs where Oliver and Heidi hang out. On occasion, he growls and barks when he hears Jack playing or running around downstairs. They have had their run-ins. Jack holds his ground, especially when Andy swipes his paw at Jack's face! However, most of the time, all three of the dogs go out into the yard together, to do their business. Andy and Pookie are like brothers. Pookie, the 13 year old terrier, is a little slow to go outside until he limbers up. Andy will take off out the door but come back to make sure Pookie is coming, and coax him along. Andy will return inside, but only after ensuring that Pookie is coming along too!

Just as you said, Andy gets along very well with other dogs, it is with people he has some trust issues. We know this is going to take time. As you probably imagine, Andy retreats to safety. He is kind and allows us to pick him up (like a baby) and cuddle. Put him down, and he sprints back to his bed! We have been giving him treats when coming in from the yard. Progress? Well, there are no cemeteries nearby so you won't believe that we have taken Andy outside without a leash and he stays in the yard with us (at a safe distance) and returns inside to safety (to his bed). If one of us stands in the doorway, he will not approach. I know this will change as he gets more acquainted and confident and will begin to explore so am being very careful. He is just now starting to approach if a treat is in hand. He is picky about his treats. Oh yes, I keep wondering when is Andy going to take off with some clothing in the house. Today, I found a dirty sock in the hallway! He is very sneaky and am only now beginning to see some indications of what you described, Marilyn.

We have taken Andy on walks and he does very well. Today I thought I better take charge and walked him around the subdivision (1.5 miles) this morning, and also again this afternoon. He resists a lot at first but then gets on with it. He likes me to run with him. But I am careful to not let him lead me (I lead him). We went to a dog friendly outdoor mall, where bunches of dogs and their owners seem to congregate. He was very happy to meet all the dogs! After 10 days with Andy, we continue getting to know each other and establishing trust. Last week I took Andy to the vet. They thought he was extremely handsome and could not believe how small he was. Could not believe I went all the way to Indiana to adopt him! One said he was a micro schnauzer. Anyway, he is almost 13 lbs now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have enjoyed my Sammie so much and Carol and Marilyn have been wonderful. He goes with me everywhere and loves to ride in the car. Sammie loves to play with toys and loves to be brushed.



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Otis is starting to settle into his new home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The way we got him is a very long story. It all started a couple days after my birthday. I woke up early and was on Pet Finder when I came across a pug/schnauzer mix. A couple months before my family and I just lost our pug dog, Zoe, which we had for 15 years! I knew her my whole life so I missed having a dog! Schnauzers and pugs are my favorite dog breeds. I kept asking my parents if we could possibly get it but the problem is we live in North Carolina and Otis was in Indiana. I did not give up so I decided to make a presentation about how good Otis is for us. My younger sister Chloe said it would not work, but I guess it did!
Click Here for more from Otis' new family
Monday, April 6, 2009

We have had Lucy almost a month now and she is the BEST!! Lucy is the PERFECT little lady for our family.
We are all going to school now to learn good manners. Lucy is very smart and is making A’s.

She is fun and funny and a great lover. We are so grateful that she came to us from Schnauzer Rescue Co-Op healthy and ready for a permanent home. Thanks for all that you do!

Pam, Max and Mary

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We wanted to share with you how we are doing with Betsy. WE love her! She is the best dog ever! WE had reservations about a 4 year old, but her condition is unbelievable. You, Schnauzer Rescue Co-op, took such good care of her that when we got her, she was absolutely perfect. I took her to the vet this past week and he couldn't believe her condition. She was extremely healthy, and said we are doing the right thing.

Being a first time pet owner, we had reservations about choosing just the right one, and she is certainly it. Betsy is now part of our family. My husband takes her with him throughout the day, my children look forward to seeing her first thing in the morning and after school, and she is my little sweetheart!

WE are so blessed that you came into our life and brought us Betsy!

Stacey, Farren, Riley and Reid
Sunday, March 8, 2009

Buddy has turned out to be everyone’s bestest buddy and he still continues to surprise us with his crazy and affectionate antics every single day. The day my aunt and two cousins (age 7 and 16) arrived he wanted to be their best friend and jumped up on their laps whenever they were sitting on their bed or the couches. My mom bought new furniture before our family arrived and on the day they couches arrived the delivery men weren’t 2 feet out the door before Buddy was snuggled up and comfortable on the leather loveseat, haha.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect addition to our family and he is so personable and friendly with everyone he meets- even the neighbors on his walks in the evenings. The first week we had him all of our neighbors would approach us and hesitantly ask “Is that the same dog you had before?” because he is such a close resemblance to our last puppy Coleman. We would just explain that Coleman was sick and had to go to heaven but then we were able to talk about how wonderful Buddy is and remind everyone that we got him from a rescue society- not a pet store. :-)

Buddy keeps our lives full of energy and keeps our days full of smiles and laughs as he is always up to something hysterical. After we were able to break him of dumping over the trash, jumping up on the dinner table, drinking out of the toilet, chewing all my stuffed animals, his life is easier now that he knows his boundaries…he also probably thought we changed his name to “Buddy no!” after we first got him. Now he knows the rules and obeys them…mostly.

My 7 year old cousin Melody who was visiting from Montgomery, Alabama wanted me to type up the note she wrote for you about Buddy. A couple years ago she was bit on the hand (not severely) by a friend’s dog and she has been afraid of dogs ever since but this is what she has to say:

“Buddy is the sweetest pup. At first I was scared of him, and when I got used to him I liked him. I’m leaving today to go to Alabama, and I don’t want to leave him. He always loves when I give him a dog treat. Once or 2 times a day he always looks out the door. I love him sooooooooooooooo much!”

Thank you so much for making this adoption an easy and successful one - I can’t even remember what our lives were like before our lil Buddy!

Thanks again,

Saturday, February 28, 2009
Harley (Bandit)

Bandit Scott is doing great. He gotten settled in his new home and had plenty of brothers to play with. Our two cats Cueball and Tabasco have taken to him very well. He is in his chewy stage so you have to watch out what you leave in the floor because he will get it. He is full of energy, he loves to go out in the backyard and play fetch. He plays hard and loves to take long walks. Bandit is for sure Samantha’s buddy. You tell him “bye bye” and he runs to the Taraus ready to go. Bandit loves to be were you are and hates being alone. A great buddy!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stewart is adjusting very well. He is eating good and enjoying our walks together. Between my mom and I, we try to take him on a walk twice a day. We finally realized he walks much better if you keep him pretty close to your side. He gets into his crate very well at night, so that is good too.

I am enjoying having Stewart around. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is so loving to everyone he meets. It amazes me! Also we tried to take some pictures together, but he really does not like the camera. I'm going to try again soon and hopefully get a few good ones. I'll be sure to send them your way as soon as possible.

Thank You Again for Everything. I will be in touch.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

We have all fallen hopelessly in love with Trixie. She is everything I expected and more. So much so that I've been thinking of adopting a little friend for her. Do you think it would be okay to adopt a little friend (boy) for Trixie in the future?

Lisa Tooley aka...Trixie's Mom