Schnauzer Rescue Co-op Adoption Application

Completing this application does not obligate you or us in any way. It is our mission to truly "match" each acceptable applicant with our dogs.

Name of dog you are interested in:

Contact Information

Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Other Phone:
Street Address:
Are you adopting for someone else? Yes/No:
If yes, for whom:

Tell us about you and your home

Name/ages of all in your household:

Everyone in home agree to adoption?:
Do you often have visitors to your home? Yes/No
If yes to visitors: How often
If yes to visitors: Grandchildren or other children?
Who will care for dog and where will he/she be kept?:

Where will dog be while you're at work?:
How many hours will dog be left alone?:
Who will take care of dog while you work?:
Where will dog sleep?:
What will you feed?:
Owned pets in past?:
Where are they now?:

Do you currently own other pets?:
Name species, breed, age of each.:

Type of residence:
Own or rent?:
If renting, does landlord agree to adoption?:
   Name of Appartment Complex:
   Landlord Name & Phone #:
Do you have a yard?:
Fully or partially:
Type of fence:
If no fence, how will you exercise and potty dog?:

Are there stairs in your home?:

Are you willing to...

Teach proper care and treatment?:
Read about dogs, discuss with professionals?:
Take dog to vet when ill and for yearly exams?:
Welcome dog as member of family?:
Return only to SRC for any reason?:
Maintain heartworm preventative for dog's life?:
Do everything possible to give dog long and healthy life?:
Assume Financial responsibility?:
Adopt a dog older?:
Adopt a dog abused?:
Adopt a dog unreliable with children?:
Adopt a dog handicapped?:
Adopt a dog that requires medications?:
Adopt a dog that requires housetraining?:
Take dog for obedience if needed?:
Accept special needs, time and patience required with rescued dog?:

Are you...

Familiar with the Schnauzer breed?:
Aware that rescue dogs can have health and housetraining problems?:
Familiar with necessary shots and heartworm tests and preventative?:
Familiar with flea and tick treatment and preventatives?:

And finally...

Why do you want to adopt at this time?:

List reasons dog would not be suitable for home:

Your veterinarian's name, address & phone:

Anything else you'd like to add:

If are not contacted by one of our members within 36 hours of submitting an application, please email ** Depending on your email settings, our member's response may be in your "junk" or "suspected spam" folder because of an unknown address**

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