Success Stories

"Happy Tails" from Pottawatomie County Caring Hearts Humane Society.


Goldie photo

We continue to be delighted with Goldie as a member of our household. She endears herself to everyone she meets, with tail wagging and soulful eyes, she greets guests to our home, neighbors in our yard, and the total strangers we pass when we take our twice-daily walks. Last weekend we took Goldie with us on a getaway to the Ozarks, and she traveled like a pro; no muss, no fuss, no barking, no attempts to run off.

The story of Goldie's adoption would be incomplete without credit given to and the ease with which we used the internet to 'shop' for the kind of dog we desired....a mature yellow lab with gentle disposition. The description of Goldie that you provided on the website was very helpful to us in our search. Thanks also for your willingness to work with me on short notice the Sunday morning when I left the message about being in the Wamego/Manhattan area. And kudos to PCHS for your ability to rescue Goldie from the kill list at Leavenworth Co HS. We remain curious how such a well-behaved and loving animal could end up at the shelter -- but feel blessed that she will be spending her elder years with us.

Grace and peace,



Josie photo

Josie has been an absolute dream to us. She is not only well behaved, but she is very loving to not only us, but to her big brother (Axle weighs nearly 80 pounds). They play together most of the day and when it is time for bed, she goes into our room and waits for us to lift her on the bed. If we don't get in there quick enough, she finds us and let's us know she is ready for bed by standing in the middle of the floor and just staring at us. My father looks forward to her visiting him and has made it very clear that we need to bring her with us each time we visit.

We took her to Pet Smart to get her hair cut and when Bob went to pick her up they said they didn't have any dog named Josie. Bob just looked at the lady and said he knew he had dropped her off. The lady just look at him and said there wasn't any dog named Josie. Finally the lady said okay we have her. I just wanted to take her home with me. She was joking of course. All the ladies at Pet Smart want to take her home. Every where we take her some one falls in love with her.

We are so thankful that you helped us get together with Josie.

Bob & Jean

Josie photo also


Molly photo

Molly was adopted to a family that lives on the Canadian Border and has three other Flat Coated Retrievers:

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos of Molly now that she has settled in here with us. Molly has been a really good girl, and fits in well with the other dogs. She was very cooperative while I bathed and groomed her, and she immediately took over Sofie's bed, so we had to get Sofie a new one. She jumps up on the bed every morning to wake me up (which I love!!).

We go on a walk every day, sometimes more than one, and she runs around in the woods looking for squirrels to chase (she is a bit preoccupied with squirrels). Then we come back home and she takes a nice long nap by the woodstove. Todd goes up to the mailbox (about 8 miles away) every night and takes her with on a car ride, which she just adores.

Molly has been a great addition to our family and we are so appreciative that you found her and saved her. We're all anxious for spring to come so we can be outside more and go swimming in the lake. I know once she figures out that lake is there, I'll never get her back in the house!

Take care, be well, and thanks for being a savior to all those homeless animals that you help every day.

Kathy (and Molly)

Molly photo also

Belle and Bummer

Belle and Bummer

Hello all of the good hearts of the PCHS.

My name is Anne and my family and I adopted the beautiful Boxer mama Belle last summer after we initially only wanted to foster her. But we fell so much in love with her that we just couldn't see ourselves giving her our love just to see her go. She settled right in with Bummer, who we adopted three years ago from you guys as well. She has been coming around so well since she didn't seem to know any commands at all (just like Bummer). She listens very well even though she has her moments of being real boxer (a bit of stubborness). She is still a bit shy at times what must be memories from her past. Belle had thick fur that we found out was her winter coat and after brushing it out completely a very beautiful boxer girl showed up. Belle made an amazingly awesome addition to our family and we love her to pieces. Since we kept Bummer's name we also kept Belle's name - they go so nicely together =)

Well, we thought we send you guys a few pictures and hopefully it'll make you feel really good about what you're doing. We are very blessed with our two four-legged family members.

Anne Bummer photo