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About Country Cats, Inc.

What We Are

Country Cats, Inc. is a no-kill shelter specializing in cats. We serve the communities of the greater Wichita area of Kansas. We are a state-licensed non-profit adoption agency. We are run by volunteers and funded by donations and adoption fees.

Our mission:

  • to prevent abandonment and abuse of cats
  • to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens through spaying and neutering
  • to adopt our cats and kittens to responsible owners
  • to promote public awareness of responsible cat care, especially the need for spaying and neutering

What We Do

Country Cats takes in cats and kittens. These are "excess" animals, the results of unplanned breeding, that have no homes. Our shelter becomes their home--the place where their nutritional, medical, and emotional needs are met--and they stay with us until they are adopted. No cats or kittens in our care are euthanized unless they have a terminal disease.

farm photo

Most of our cats/kittens like people, but those who do not are moved out to our "Wild Cat Farm"--a cat-proof enclosure at the shelter--where some may spend the rest of their lives. Our "Farm" cats are available for adoption, but only as barn cats. Most of our cats and kittens are socialized and prepared for adoption as pets.

We are also involved in T-N-R (Trap-Neuter-Return), the live-trapping of feral cats for medical treatment and spay/neuter surgery. Once a reliable, responsible person commits to providing food and water, and to monitoring the cats' health, the animals are returned to their original territory or transplanted to a new area. These healthy cats fill an important niche in the community by keeping the rodent population under control and discouraging entry of undesireable animals (like skunks, possums, and diseased feral cats).

raining cats and dogs

Why We Do It

Nation-wide, the U.S. is experiencing overpopulation of companion animals, both cats and dogs, at a tremendous rate. There are currently many more cats and dogs in this country than there are homes in which to place them. (This is largely due to the practice of allowing pets to breed at will, without regard for the results or their consequences.) Because in the past dogs have received more attention than cats, more shelters and rescues are dedicated to protecting them and placing them in good homes. At Country Cats, Inc. we recognize that cats are in as much need, if not more, as dogs. Although we focus our resources on cats and their needs, our desire is to see no more homeless companion animals.