Adopting a Cat or Kitten from
Country Cats, Inc.

To adopt or not to adopt

Ask yourself these important questions and keep them in mind as you browse through our gallery of cats.

  • Will I have the time to take care of my cat?
  • Will I have the space in my home for a cat?
  • Will the cat pose a problem for anyone living in my home?

If you travel often, have an irregular schedule, or are away from home for long periods of time, a cat probably isn't right for you. Cats need attention and get lonely when left alone. Besides, a cat would be an extra responsibility added to your already hectic schedule.

Cats do not require as much space as dogs but you need to consider the limitations of space, especially if you plan to keep your cat indoors. If you are a renter, some landlords do not allow cats, or only a limited number of them. Check before you adopt.

pets diningCats are wonderful, but a cat may not be ideal for you if you have small children (who often cause a cat/kitten to bite or scratch) or have family members who are allergic to cats. And don't forget the pets you already have; would they be willing to get along with a new cat? We want you to adopt one of our cats; but, we don't want that cat to create havoc in your home!

How to Adopt: The Stepspaw prints

paw printsExamine your time, space, and other resources and decide if you are in a good position to take care of a cat.

paw printsCheck out the photos and descriptions on this website.
Remember, if you don't see your cat/kitten here, we have many others to choose from at the shelter.

paw printsCall Country Cats, Inc. and schedule an apppointment to meet our cats and kittens.
Please call to reschedule if you can't make it to the appointment.

paw printsGet to know our cats and kittens and let them get to know you--remember, the cat/kitten is choosing too!

paw printsFill out paper work and pay the adoption fee*. Now you can apply online and save time. Just go to the
"Adoption Application Form" fill it out and send it in.

paw printsTake your cat home and enjoy its company! And don't forget to keep in touch!

*The adoption fee, our Christmas special of $75 covers first year "well-kitty care", including testing for FeLV and FIV, at least 2 prescription dewormings, at least 2 flea treatments, the vaccination series, spay or neuter, and rabies vaccination. A real deal compared to the cost of taking a "free" kitten to a veterinarian for the same medical work!