Adoption Application


Where you see a '*', feel free to contact us to ask for more information on that subject.


Cat(s) desired for adoption:

Desired Cat 1:
Desired Cat 2:
Desired Cat 3:
Desired Cat 4:
Desired Cat 5:

Adopting party information:

Applicant 1 name: Applicant 2 name: Email address:
Address: Address Line 2:
City: State: Zip code:
Home telephone: Cell telephone: Work telephone:
Employer: Employer telephone:
Veterinarian: Veterinarian telephone:

Household information:

How many people live in your home?
Name 1: Age:
Name 2: Age:
Name 3: Age:
Name 4: Age:
Name 5: Age:
Do all of the adults of your household know
that you are planning to adopt a cat?
Is anyone in your household allergic to cats? If yes, how severe is the allergy?
Do you rent or own your home? If you rent, does your landlord allow pets?
Landlord Name: Landlord telephone:

Pet History, Past Five Years through Current:

NameTypeGenderSpay/NeuterKeptAgeDurationCurrent Status

Cat/Kitten Preferences:

Type: Breed: Age:
Size: Gender:
Coat color: Coat length: Eye color:
Personality: Degree of friendliness: Activity level:
Would you be interested in a special needs cat?
Would you be interested in a barn cat?
Would you be interested in a declawed cat? (We advise
against declawing because it causes the cat to lose
muscle tone, deprives it of the ability to anchor, and may
lead to biting behavior. However, we receive declawed
cats, so we have them available for adoption.)


Why do you want to adopt a cat/kitten? If 'Other', please specify:
*Can you afford the costs of veterinary care, food, supplies, and grooming?
Who will be responsible for care of this cat/kitten?
Who will care for your cat when you are away? If 'Other', please specify:
Will this cat/kitten be allowed outdoors? If yes, please specify circumstances:
How many hours a day will the cat/kitten spend alone without companionship?
What will you do if your cat/kitten is diagnosed with a chronic disease that
requires medication for control?

New pets must go through an adjustment period during which they get to know their new family, any other pets in the household, and the house rules.

*How will you handle any aggressive behavior?
*How will you handle rule breaking and/or destructive behavior?


How did you learn about Country Cats, Inc.?


By checking the following box, I certify that the above information is correct and true:

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