Surrendering a Cat to
Country Cats, Inc.

Country Cats, Inc. is a limited capacity shelter. Because we are a no-kill shelter, many of our cats and kittens remain with us for years rather than days or weeks. This taxes our precious resources in space, man-power, and finances.

We are currently operating at full capacity, with approximately 150 cats and kittens under our care. It is physically impossible for us to take in all of the cats and kittens people want to surrender, so we are forced to be selective about those we receive. We reserve the right to refuse any cat or kitten, especially one we believe will be difficult to place.

In addition to being forced to be selective in accepting new cats and kittens, we must also charge an intake fee (cash only) to help cover the costs of care. Instituted in November 2003, our intake fee is $100 plus the costs of any necessary testing and spay or neuter surgery. The medical costs are non-refundable, but the $100 fee is refundable at a rate of $1 per day for each day of the first 100 after surrender that the cat or kitten is no longer living at the shelter. In other words, if a cat is adopted after thirty days, $70 will be refunded to the person who paid the intake fee. (The refund will be awarded after the three-week trial-period and finalization of the adoption.)

We regret we must be selective when there are so many in need. Please help bring an end to the vast number of homeless cats and dogs. Be a responsible pet owner. Spay and neuter your pets, It just makes sense.