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"Many hands make light work."

People who want to make a difference become volunteers. Their efforts improve their community, making it a safer, friendlier, more welcoming place to live or visit.

At the same time, volunteers enrich their own lives. They gain experience, learn new skills and develop talents they may not have known they had. They meet new people and go new places. Above all they get the satisfaction and the joy that making a difference gives.

It takes many people and a wide variety of skills/interests to perform the tasks that keep Country Cats, Inc. running. We could use your help. Some of our volunteer jobs include:

-Housekeeping -Transportation -Trapping
-Foster Home -Gardening -Book-keeping
-Fundraising -Marketing -Legal Advisor

You can make a difference. Become a Country Cats volunteer.
Just fill it out the form below and submit it. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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Animal Grooming Fundraising Photography
Appliance Repair Gardening Plumbing
Book-keeping Graphic Design Public Relations
Care Taking Health Care Public Speaking
Carpentry Housekeeping Research
Computers Landscape Design Trapping
Education Legal Typing
Electrical Office/Administration Writing/Editing
Interests: Please check all that apply to you.
Cat Handler
The single most necessary job at the shelter. Entails giving the cats fresh food and water daily, scooping and cleaning litter boxes, changing soiled bedding for fresh and cleaning floors. Must be willing to be in constant contact with the cats/kittens.
The second most critical job at the shelter. Involves washing dirty dishes, removing cat hair (lots of cat hair!), folding and putting away laundry, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, general disinfecting and bleaching of "cat equipment."
Involves the filing, typing, data entry, etc. that help us keep track of the cats/kittens. Experience with computers running Windows is preferred, as well as with Word and Quicken.
Requires contacting individuals and businesses about advertising, distributing flyers, and charitable contributions. Also requires working with the public at events, during showings, and over the telephone. May necessitate cold calls. Good people skills and good verbal skills are critical to this position. Good writing skills are also necessary for composing drafts of ads.
Carpenters are needed for building climbing structures for the cats and for remodeling projects. Plumbers are needed for keeping the fresh water flowing and repairing leaks that drain the budget. Electricians are needed for remodeling projects and for power delivery issues. Appliance repairmen are needed to keep everything running!
Feral Colony Monitor
There are many feral colonies in Sedgwick and Butler counties. Without help, these cats die young of poor nutrition and disease. A Feral Colony Monitor works in conjunction with the Trap-Neuter-Return program. He/she is responsible for feeding, watering, and monitoring the health of cats treated and returned to their homes
Deals with determining the budgets for different "departments" and their projects. Requires proven mathematical ability. Experience with Quicken preferred
Foster Home
A Foster Home is an adjunct to the shelter. Foster Homes take in a limited number of cats and kittens. Foster Home licensees are responsible for the cats/kittens in their care, under the supervision of the shelter
Involves weed-whacking, mowing, and tending flower beds, the perfect job for someone who likes to work outdoors. May not be appropriate for someone with physical limitations. Interest and experience in landscape design a plus.
Health & Grooming
Concerns administering medications and systemics under supervision. Also entails preventing and removing fur mats. Experience handling belligerent cats advisable
Concerns advising on legal issues regarding state regulations, insurance, and liabilities. Also, review of documents prior to filing. Requires legal experience
Deals with taking calls from the public and answering their questions about cat behavior, surrender of cats/kittens, and the adoption process. Must be able to tactfully direct surrenders to other organizations when our facilities are at capacity. Demands good people skills and good verbal skills. Requires good knowledge of cats and their behavior.
Involves photographing each cat/kitten as it enters the shelter, manipulating photos on a computer, and preparing them for advertising and for posting on the Internet. Photography experience is essential; experience with PhotoShop is preferred.
Deals with the trapping of feral cats (according to the guidelines of feral cat organizations) that live in colonies in local communities.
Responsible for providing transportation of cat/kittens, people, and equipment to special events and public showings. May also entail making trips to the veterinarian. Must have valid driver's license, proven safe driving record, and a vehicle capable of hauling the passengers and equipment.
Entails working on the Internet researching topics of interest and maintaining our websites. Computer literacy is required. Experience with website design preferred.

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