Autumn Acres needs YOUR help!

Fritz - a German Shepherd mix found with a broken leg that is badly infected.


Pet Health Insurance For Cats & Dogs



We have taken in quite a few dogs over the past 2 months and we are in need of blankets, straw, dog treats, toys, and monetary donations towards their vet care. We still have 9 out of the 18 puppy mill dogs left to find homes for. We are taking in 3 dogs from the Springfield Animal Shelter, and we are taking in an injured shepherd from southern Missouri.

Please consider donating to our 501c3 non-profit state licensed animal rescue.

Our Adoptable Pet List

Animal Surrender Information

We take in owner surrenders as space permits. We do not accept cats. If we are able to help with your pet please remember us and help the rescue animals out whenever you can. Even just donating used towels and blankets is a big help!

If you have a dog or horse you would like to surrender just fill out the form below and let us know about the animal.


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