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Safe Haven

Adoption Rules

  1. Adopter agrees to a home check as a condition for adoption.

  2. Adopter shall keep the adopted dog/cat as a household pet at adopter's residence.  A fenced yard is required in some cases.

  3. Adopter agrees not to use the dog as a guard dog or for hunting.

  4. Adopter agrees to provide proper food, fresh water, adequate shelter and  indoor sleeping quarters.

  5. All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

  6. Adopter shall provide the animal with necessary veterinary care upon sickness, disease or injury,  yearly inoculations as recommended by attending veterinarian, provide monthly heartworm preventative for dogs,  and license adopting dog in accordance with state and local laws.

  7. Adopter will NOT permit the dog to run free or off-leash or out of immediate control.  The adopted dog will NEVER be "tied out" or "staked out".  

  8. Adopter will NOT transport the dog in an open pickup truck bed or boat.

  9. Adopter agrees that adopted dog will wear a collar with current rabies tag and ID tag.

  10. Adopter agrees that adopted animal shall not be used for medical or any experimental purposes.

  11. Adopter agrees to notify Jack's Place of any change of address. If adopted dog or cat is lost of stolen, adopter shall notify Jack's Place, so we can assist in recovering the animal. 

  12. If for any reason, the adopted dog or cat cannot be kept by adopter, the adopter agrees to return it to Jack's Place.  Adoption fees will be refunded totally when the animal is returned to Jack's Place.  The dog or cat may be returned at any time, no questions asked.  Adopter agrees that the adopted dog or cat cannot be given away, sold or exchanged, leased, or in any way be out of the direct care of the adopter without prior permission of Jack's Place. 

  13. Jack's Place requests a donation fee for dogs and puppies  In addition a $100 spay/neuter deposit is required for puppies.  This deposit will be returned when proof of spay/neuter is presented.  Cats and kittens are free.   

  14. Adopter releases Jack's Place Inc. from all liability for injury or damage sustained while adopted dog is in possession of adopter.