"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight."
 Albert Schweitzer




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Kismet Pet Adoptions (KISMET) is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the welfare and placement of COMPANION animals. Each rescued animal by KISMET dedicated volunteers receives a veterinary exam, all vaccines, de-worming, de-fleaing and spay/neuter. Dogs are heartworm tested and cats are FeLV/FIV tested. Many have required medical attention, AND have not been denied, such as heartworm treatments and surgeries. We operate out of the pockets of our members along with a few small donations made by some of the people who adopt our pets. KISMET's policy is that no animal should ever be killed for want of a good home. Based on this policy, many have found comfort in a forever home with a family to call their own.

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Adopting a Friend


Click here to see our adoptable pets list.

We require potential adopters to complete an Adoption Application prior to being considered for any of our pets.

Part of the process is a home visit prior to releasing the pet and a subsequent follow-up visit once the pet is in his/her new home. There is an adoption fee on all of our dogs and cats and anyone interested in adopting a pet should contact the person whose name appears in the notes, for that particular pet, to obtain the amount of the adoption fee. It is our policy that anyone who adopts a pet from KISMET will never get a pet where anything about their health or temperament is withheld.

All of our pets are adopted on a trial basis. If you are not happy with the pet, you can and MUST return the pet to us. If the pet is returned within 14 days and is in the same physical condition as when adopted, the adoption fee paid will be refunded in full.

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We do not have a central shelter to house our rescued animals. We rely on the space within our homes, foster homes and boarding facilities for which we pay fees. Therefore our resources are very limited to the number we can intake. Anyone interested in meeting one of our pets can contact us by e-mail or the phone number listed within the description of the pet.


To assist with our work and help save more needy animals from the horrors of the streets, neglect and/or abuse, your donation, no matter how small, is always welcomed and much appreciated.


On behalf of those without a voice that your generosity will help save, THANK YOU!



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