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Foster Homes always needed - If you have the time and the love to spare.

Our Wish List 

  • IMMITICIDE HW treatment
  • Heartworm Preventatives
  • Flea & Tick Preventatives
  • Donations for vet expenses
  • Gas cards for transporters
  • Gift cards for PetsMart, PetCo, Wal-Mart or any store to be used for Dog Food, Treats, Collars, and other necessities
  • Crates are also greatly appreciated.

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These great dogs just
need a little TLC and a wonderful forever home.

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Sexton Animal Health Center
1628 E. Kentucky
Ruston, Louisiana 71270

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Our Adoptable German Shepherd Dogs  

Each story is different.  Many are heart-breaking, but in every case there is a common thread: an animal that deserves a permanent, loving home needs us

Adopting a rescue dog saves a life.

Fostering saves more than one!

Donations can help us save many lives!

Please help us help them.


Which One Of These Dogs Is Your New Best Friend?

Message From Our Founder 

"The German Shepherd Dog has always been my favorite breed. Lady, my first German Shepherd, was my best friend and guardian as a toddler. Even though I don't remember much about her, she has had a lasting effect on my desire to save this breed from the tragedy of people not knowing how to care for them or train them properly.

German Shepherds are wonderful family pets, very committed to their home and family. They are smart.  They are an active breed, preferring to be kept mentally and physically stimulated.  This is why they have so many jobs all over the world and are the breed preferred by many Police Departments, Military Units, Search and Rescue, Narcotic and Bomb Detection Units, and Guide Dog Associations.

Most of the GSDs we rescue from shelters have not been taken care of emotionally or physically but the most common reason that they have ended up in shelters is that their people simply didn't care enough;  Did not care enough to properly ensure their safety with fencing, to ensure that they had ID tags or were micro chipped in case they got lost, Did not care enough to protect them from preventable illness, Did not care enough to provide the structure and training to avoid behavioral problems, Did not care enough to simply bring them in the house, talk to them occasionally and tell them that they were loved.

These wonderful dogs need TLC. Their desire is to be part of your family, not thrown out in the yard and left alone.  He or she is your new best friend, not to be abandoned or neglected, but to be loved and treasured.  We at North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue are here to help you form that special bond with your new family member so that soon you will be telling others where you found the best dog you've ever had."

- Becky Kaase
Founder, North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue

Let Us Help You Find The Best Dog You've Ever Had
Let us help you find
the best dog you've ever had.

Please Don't Breed Or Buy While Shelter Animals Die


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