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Foster Homes always needed - If you have the time and the love to spare.

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  • IMMITICIDE HW treatment
  • Heartworm Preventatives
  • Flea & Tick Preventatives
  • Donations for vet expenses
  • Gas cards for transporters
  • Gift cards for PetsMart, PetCo, Wal-Mart or any store to be used for Dog Food, Treats, Collars, and other necessities
  • Kennel Panels
  • Crates are also greatly appreciated.

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need a little TLC and a wonderful forever home.

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 North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue Needs YOU!  

Each year, thousands of animals are abandoned and must be euthanized throughout Northern Louisiana due to pet overpopulation and lack of shelter space. Since its inception, North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue has rescued, fostered, spayed/neutered, and placed many companion animals, saving them from a heartless and unnecessary death.

The situation is now critical.  NLGSR needs donations. We simply will not be able to continue operations without financial support from dog lovers in our community.

Your Donation Can Save Lives - Please Email Us For Donation Address

Each story is different and many are heart-breaking, but in every case there is a common thread: an animal that deserves a second chance at life and a permanent, loving home needs us. Won't you please help?  We are in desperate need of funds and foster homes if we are to continue operations.  

Large Dog Houses Needed For Winter

North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue is in need of dog houses for the winter months. We need at least 10 at this time. The large ones we need are $80 at PetsMart
Click on the Donation button below to donate or contact us if you are local and want to purchase one for us.

 Donations Needed For Gina & Others Waiting For Medical Care 

Gina - a Katrina Dog -needs hip surgeryGina is a pretty 5 year old female that was originally a Katrina dog.  After the hurricane, Gina's family never claimed her so she was adopted out to a wonderful man who loved her to bits.  Unfortunately now he has become quite ill and has had to return Gina to rescue.  Bless her heart; She's been through so much already.  We need financial assistance paying for Gina's hip surgery before she can be placed with the perfect forever home.

DONATIONS to help Gina or any of our medically needy dogs are so very much appreciated and may be sent to our rescue by clicking the Paypal button. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for whatever you can do to help defray our veterinary expenses & give these dogs the TLC they deserve. No amount is too small.

 Foster Homes - the backbone of our organization 

Foster homes are the most important part of Rescue. We can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes. A foster parent provides a safe and loving environment for dogs until they are adopted. The foster home helps the dog learn basic family skills if needed so they can be set up for success when they find their forever home.

 North Louisiana German Shepherd RescueNorth Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue

is an all-volunteer network of foster homes with a commitment to save pure bred German Shepherd Dogs from abuse, neglect and abandonment. Our Mission is to rescue as many GSDs as possible from high-kill shelters, most of whom would be euthanized without our help.  Our efforts are focused on helping these GSDs who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need and without families to love.

We are a private non-profit charitable organization dedicated to:

  • To adopt companion animals into loving forever homes.
  • The establishment & coordination of a network of foster homes in Northern Louisiana to ensure comfort & assistance to all German Shepherd Dogs in need
  • Evaluation of temperament, beginning basic training, medical care, spay/neuter and all appropriate vaccinations are provided for all adoptable dogs.
  • To help reunite lost pets with their owners.
  • To help those who due to personal circumstances find themselves in a situation where they need to re-home their German Shepherd Dogs, we offer courtesy posts and pre-screening of potential adopters.
  • To encourage the formation of that special bond between you and your dog with behavioral and obedience training.
  • To create lasting and comprehensive change in human behavior toward animals through education about responsible pet ownership, including the spaying & neutering of pets, and about humane & respectful treatment of all animals.

 To Adopt A Dog  from our organization, the first step is completing our online adoption applicationThe German Shepherd Dog is such a wonderful breed.  They have served mankind for hundreds of years, giving all they have to give.  Can we give them any less?Everyone must do so before an appointment is made to meet the dogs.  Home checks and vet references are required.  If you can provide a temporary foster home for a dog waiting for their forever home, we desperately need you!  Each new foster home we can add to our network means one more life we can save!  Please fill out the foster home questionnaire.

 When Each Dog Leaves Our Care  each will be up to date on vaccines, spayed or neutered, heartworm negative and on preventative.  It is our goal that they go to a home where they are loved as a member of the family, a home where they will be well cared for and where they will receive the proper mental and physical exercise  as well as the daily interaction and affection that they need.

 Fall Yankee Candle Fundraiser 

Do you like candles, candle accessories? Check out our  Yankee Candle fundraiser. This is the perfect opportunity to start your holiday shopping or purchase something special for yourself.  Proceeds benefit North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue. 


 Message From Our Founder 

"The German Shepherd Dog has always been my favorite breed. Lady, my first German Shepherd, was my best friend and guardian as a toddler. Even though I don't remember much about her, she has had a lasting effect on my desire to save this breed from the tragedy of people not knowing how to care for them or train them properly.

German Shepherds are wonderful family pets, very committed to their home and family. They are smart.  They are an active breed, preferring to be kept mentally and physically stimulated.  This is why they have so many jobs all over the world and are the breed preferred by many Police Departments, Military Units, Search and Rescue, Narcotic and Bomb Detection Units, and Guide Dog Associations.

Most of the GSDs we rescue from shelters have not been taken care of emotionally or physically but the most common reason that they have ended up in shelters is that their people simply didn't care enough;  Did not care enough to properly ensure their safety with fencing, to ensure that they had ID tags or were micro chipped in case they got lost, Did not care enough to protect them from preventable illness, Did not care enough to provide the structure and training to avoid behavioral problems, Did not care enough to simply bring them in the house, talk to them occasionally and tell them that they were loved.

These wonderful dogs need TLC. Their desire is to be part of your family, not thrown out in the yard and left alone.  He or she is your new best friend, not to be abandoned or neglected, but to be loved and treasured.  We at North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue are here to help you form that special bond with your new family member so that soon you will be telling others where you found the best dog you've ever had."

- Becky Kaase
Founder, North Louisiana German Shepherd Rescue

Let Us Help You Find The Best Dog You've Ever Had
Let us help you find
the best dog you've ever had.

Please Don't Breed Or Buy While Shelter Animals Die

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