Lincoln-Union Chapter of The Humane Society of Louisiana

The Lincoln Chapter of The Humane Society of Louisiana

We all share one essential goal:
HELP THOSE WHO CAN NOT HELP THEMSELVES. Spay Neuter and Adopt - One By One Until There Are None in shelters!

To accomplish this goal We Need To Raise Money For A Shelter. The overpopulation and cruelty to animals in our parish is unbelievable. Just go out into the rural areas and you will see starving, homeless dogs, cats, even horses and cattle in terrible physical condition. 

We are here to help those who can not help themselves.   Please join us in the effort to do all we can towards ending the problems of animal cruelty, pet overpopulation and homelessness.

Hurricane Evacuation News

We are currently working with law enforcement to provide services for pets evacuated to local shelters and to establish new guidelines for future pet evacuations.  Our goal is to provide a safe and secure place where owners can visit and care for their pets during the evacuation period. 

Please Contact Us for more information!

 What Can You Do?

Lend a hand...please consider FOSTERING a Homeless Pet!
Foster An Animal in Need


The Humane Society of Louisiana in New Orleans

is the core of operations for our group. We will strive to keep with the standards of the Humane Society of Louisiana. Together we will all work toward the main goal...
To Stop Animal Cruelty and End Pet Overpopulation! 

Please visit the main New Orleans chapter's website
Humane Society of Louisiana - New Orleans

The Humane Society of Louisiana is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consider donating to our cause by clicking the paypal button above.

Humane Society of Louisiana: Lincoln Parish Chapter
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Are You My New Family?

We need YOUR help.

Spay - Neuter
Foster - Adopt
Spread the word.
Please do what you can.
Contact Us!

All I need  is.... YOU!

Dear Mom & Dad~
  All I need is:

  • Fresh Water Daily
  • Good Quality Dog Food
  • Shelter
  • Safety (leash/fence)
  • Heartworm/flea & tick prevention
  • Regular Vet Visits
  • Exercise - activity for my body
  • Training - activity for my mind
  • Grooming - you'll notice right away if something's wrong
  • ID - so I'll never be homeless
  • All I need is.....YOU

With all my love
- your best friend

Order your ID tags....never leave home without ID!!
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