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Tangi Adopt A Rescue's Adoption Contract

The following is Tangi Adopt A Rescue’s (TAAR) Adoption Contract. It is posted here to let you view the final Adoption Contract you will sign when you adopt an animal from TAAR.

In return for Tangi Adopt A Rescue (TAAR) and respective agents allowing me to adopt this animal and in consideration of my adopted pet’s welfare, I (please print your name) ______________________________ agree to:

  1. Provide fresh food and water, clean and dry shelter, daily exercise, love, and attention to the adopted pet.

  2. Provide professional veterinary care for any diseases, illness, or or injures, and secure yearly vaccinations and licenses for the adopted pet.

  3. Comply with LA R.S. 3:2472, which requires the adopted pet to be sterilized within three months of the adoption if the pet is at least six months of old. (NOTE: Most of TAAR’'s adoption animals are spayed and neutered before adoption.)

  4. Keep the adopted pet in a fenced area or indoors so that it will be safe and will be allowed to become a part of the family.

  5. Allow TAAR or respective agents to periodically check on the adopted pet to evaluate health care.

  6. Allow TAAR or respective agents to reclaim the animal for failure to perform any of the above.

  7. Contact TAAR about problems that might arise in the future and should I become unable to care for or keep the pet to return it to TAAR for placement elsewhere.

I also understand that my adopted pet, a _________________ Male/Female; Dog/Puppy; Cat/Kitten; has been tested for _____________________, treated for _____________________, dewormed ____________________, been given the appropriate vaccinations for its age, and __spayed or __neutered, and has NOT been checked for tapeworms or heartworms unless specifically noted.

I am aware that:

  1. Animals are different from human beings in their responses to human actions.

  2. The action of animals are often unpredictable.

  3. TAAR makes no claim, representation, or warranty regarding any animal placed for adoption or its behavior, temperament, or physical condition.

I accept possession, ownership, title, and responsibility for the adopted animal at my own risk, and agree not to sue or to make any claims, demands, or actions against TAAR and/or respective agents for myself and others directly or indirectly, regarding or arising from my adopted pet.

I agree to hold harmless, and indemnify, and defend TAAR for any injures to person or property caused by or related to my adopted pet.

I understand and agree that I have the right to release and waive such rights and that this release, waiver and disclosure in favor of TAAR includes respective agents.

By signing this contract, I become the legal owner of this adopted pet.

The adoption fee of $_______ is a non-refundable donation.

I verify that I am eighteen years of age or older and that I fully understand my obligations as described above.

The above legal contract is to be signed by you and two witnesses before you can take possession of your new pet.

If you are seriously thinking of adopting a pet from TAAR please read over and fill in the TAAR Adoption Application as this helps us find the best match in a pet for you.

Tangi Adopt A Rescue
Kentwood, Louisiana 70444
Website: www.taar.petfinder.com
Email: taar.rescue@gmail.com

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