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Canine Adoption Interview


Please answer the following questions and send a reply email with your answers to



1.     Are you looking for an outside or inside pet?                                                                                     

2.     Do you have any other animals?

a.     Type of animal(s) (cat/dog, other); full breed (name of breed) or mixed breed?

b.     History of previous and/or present animals?  Did they die, run away, were they stolen?  Age at death?

c.     Do they stay inside or outside?


3.     Reason for acquiring new pet/another pet?


4.     Do you presently have a Veterinarian?

a.   Name of vet; location; telephone number.

d.     If not, do you have the name of a veterinarian that you plan to use for your new pet?


5.     Do you use a heartworm preventative? 


6.     How do you feel about spay/neuter, yearly checkups, heartworm prevention, vaccinations and the expense of these items?

7.     Do you own or rent?  If renting, is landlord o.k. with pets? Is there a limit to size/weight of pet in rental agreement?


8.     Do you have a fenced yard?  If not, will you commit time to walking/exercising your new pet?

9.     Do you have children or grandchildren (ages)?

10.  Is your immediate family agreeable to the idea of acquiring a pet?

11.  Provide your work schedule, spouse's work schedule (if applicable).

12.  Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to this animal?




Phone No:

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued animal!


*Notice: This is a  pre-adoption interview and not an adoption contract, completion of interview does not guarantee placement of pet(s).