Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter Volunteer

Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization



What do volunteers do?

Pet Adoption Day Volunteers help handle the animals and speak with potential adopters. We try to find a good match for each family so that both the animal and the family will be happy.

Meow Town help maintain the Meow Town Adoption Center at Jefferson Feed. Volunteers visit Meow Town in the late afternoon and tidy up each cat's cage, make sure they have fresh water and food, and socialize the cats.

Foster Volunteers provide a loving home environment for those animals that need more care than the shelter can provide. Orphaned kittens too young to eat may need to be bottlefeed, young kittens need sociliazation and TLC to become friendly adoptable animals, and cats may need special treatment in order to be placed for adoption. Fosterers provide the love and care these animals need, transport them as necessary to the vet, and bring them to Pet Adoption Days. Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter pays all medical and food expenses.

Shelter Dog Socialization Volunteers provide shelter dogs with socialization, exercise and training. Volunteers visit the animal shelter weekday mornings and occasionally on Saturdays. During their visit, they take the dogs out for a walk, encourage good manners and obedience, provide them with human companionship, and even some grooming (brushing, nail trims, etc.). Notes are made on each dog's cage card so that potential adopters can learn about the dog's personality.

Other Volunteer Opportunites - Pet Fest in the Fall, helping with fundraisers, spay/neuter efforts, transporting animals to the vet or other venue if a fosterer needs help, etc.

If you'd like to volunteer at Pet Adoption Days, Meow Town at Jefferson Feed, Fostering an Animal, Socializing a Shelter dog, at Pet Fest in the Fall, or Other Opportunities that arise, please Download our Application, print and mail to us.

Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter
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