Our Return Policy

As of February 2004, A2Z Rescue, Inc. has adopted the return policy outlined below. An increasing number of dogs are being returned unnecessarily, which takes away from our ability to rescue other puppies and dogs in need. Dogs are not disposable; they are a lifetime commitment and should be treated as such.

A2Z Rescue, Inc. will not refund any adoption fees...period! If the adopted dog becomes very sick and you cannot afford, or chose not to treat the dog, please contact A2Z Rescue Inc. as soon as possible. Adopters should have exhausted all efforts with behavioral issue by seeking the proper training. Confirmation from the trainer will be required for us to place the dog. As the dog’s adopter, we will ask that you either:

  1. Foster said dog until an appropriate new family is found or
  2. Pay the boarding fees in advance for boarding the dog for at least a 2 week period.

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