One could say that life with a Shorthair goes well beyond the day to day routine. We develop a bond so deep that words can never fully express the love and feelings we have for our dogs...and they for us. Sadly, as with most relationships in life, there comes a time when they must move on without us, and we are left with a huge void in our lives. Their presence was so huge that it's hard to imagine it can ever be filled again. However, we are comforted with beautiful memories of the special times with our friend. We dedicate this page in honor of our beloved GSP's that have moved on to a better place, waiting to be reunited with us again.

"One of the most important lessons that she taught me is the importance of letting those you love know how you feel. There wasn't even a second when I felt anything but an overwhelming love for her and she never missed an opportunity to let Joe and I know how much she loved us. She truly was a once in a lifetime friend."

Loved and missed by Erin & Joe

GSP Rescue New England thanks Gretchen's family for their donation in her memory.

"We adopted this sweet girl through Rescue and she was our first introduction to the breed. We totally fell in love with her spunk, her speed (on foot and with kisses!) and her love for life.

We still miss playing ball with her everyday and taking her swimming at the beach. Though Astrid was irreplaceable, our love for her led us to volunteer more time with Rescue. We continue to honor her memory everyday while working to save more needy GSP's."

Dearly missed by Michele and John Spooner

"We adopted this beautiful boy at four years old from someone who could no longer care for him. At that time we had an eleven year old weimeraner and although quite different in personality, they fast became best friends. Buck had a "passion" for playing ball. I think that is one of the things we miss about him most. Up until his very last day, his eyes would brighten and his ears would perk up at the mere suggestion of playing fetch. (And cookies, of course!)

We miss him every day and although irreplaceable, we have honored his memory by adopting another GSP who needed a good home."

Art and Deb Tagliaferri

GSP Rescue New England thanks Buck's family for their donation in his memory.

Frank A. Young
May 2 1953 - September 2 2006

The brightest star in the sky....
A most rare and noble spirit...dear friend, active volunteer on behalf of animals with a brilliant mind and a passionate heart. Sweet husband, you are missed beyond measure.

Les, Demijen, Bosco, Paisley and Holly

"My first GSP puppy...need I say more! We taught each other many things, including trying to stay one step ahead of each other. She had an iron will and when she looked at you, she looked into your soul. Her favorite things in the world were playing Frisbee and going for our daily hikes. She ran those woods like she owned them. Forever remembered as a master thief - particularly of butternut squash and blueberry pie, there will never be another Jazzy. She was my soulmate, my friend, my Jazzygirl. Although not a Rescue, she led me to love this breed and I honor her memory by helping GSP's find loving homes."

Deeply missed by Audrey Carmosino and all who knew her.

"People thought we were crazy when we decided to adopt an 11.5 year old dog thru Rescue. Our initial meeting turned out to be true love. Molly was with us for two wonderful years, and she made every minute important.

Molly woke up happy every day and never stopped until bedtime. She always carried a ball in her mouth, and always wanted to us to drop whatever we were doing and play. It worked most of the time!

She showed us that age is irrelevant. Molly was always giving 100% of her self to us. We still miss our sweet girl running in the yard, and miss those kisses. We will always treasure our time with her, & we know that adopting a senior wasn't so crazy, after all."

Molly is always in our hearts - Lynn & Bob

We welcome monetary donations honoring the memory of the family members that have passed on from this world but continue to remain in our hearts forever. Please click here to make an online donation in their name. Please indicate if you wish your donation to be anonymous or not. We will acknowledge it regardless if there's a tribute submitted.

If you would like to submit an entry for our Remembrances page, please email the following to gsprescuene@comcast.net and/or gsprescuesouthshore@comcast.net:

  • One picture per dog
  • A short tribute about your memories with your GSP. Please limit your paragraph to 100 words or less. Refer to current tributes as a guide.
  • Your contact email.
*We reserve the right to edit or deny submissions. You will be contacted if there are any questions.

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