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True Stories of Rescued Golden Retrievers and the People Who Love Them

Written by our very own “Margo”.
A loving celebration of the emotional bond between rescued goldens and their humans, this heartwarming collection of photographs and true stories conveys every aspect of the humor, devotion, fun and inevitable sorrow that exist within this special relationship. And honored are the volunteers of the rescue organizations that dedicate their time, energy, money, and hearts to this noble endeavor.
Here, in the words of adopters writing about their rescued goldens, you'll meet:

  • Dakota who was saved from the streets and now brings joy as a therapy dog;
  • Promise who got a second chance at life after surviving years in a breeding kennel;
  • Sproul who became a bomb detection Police K-9 dog after being surrendered by her owners for being too energetic;
  • Ozzie who was rescued from the kill shelter and transformed his first-time dog owner into a real dog person;
  • Nutmeg who saves lives as a search and rescue dog after being labeled as overly aggressive by her former owner;
  • Hope who was saved from death in a backyard breeding nightmare to inspire her adopting family to leave Manhattan following another nightmare September 11, 2001; and dozens more. These eloquent pictures and wonderful stories will touch anyone whose heart has ever belonged to a Golden

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