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The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer? "
~Jeremy Bentham

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As many as 25% of dogs entering shelters each year are purebreds. Approximately 61% of all dogs entering shelters are killed.

















Although we had volunteered at the Ellen Gifford Shelter (www.giffordcatshelter.org)
for several years, Calliope was one of our first intakes as newly hired adoption counselors.

Our role was to assess the cats then to match the potential adopter with the most suitable cat.
Calliope was rescued in Western Massachusetts and arrived with two of her kittens, Clio and Thalia.

At first she settled in as most cats do, trying to adjust from life on the streets to life in a shelter but it wasn't long before we noticed marked changes in her behavior/demeanor.
Calliope seemed quiet and withdrawn. As time went on, it was clear that she was depressed and had given up hope. It became our mission as individuals to ease her sorrow, enabling her to present herself well for adopters.

We spent countless hours sitting with her, gently talking, and hand-feeding her. Adopters would come and adopt someone else while she laid in her chair, motionless. Then a miracle happened.

A potential adopter came to visit the cats and was immediately drawn to Calliope. It was as if they had a secret conversation - one of mutual trust and caring. Calliope was adopted by this wonderful woman and blossomed under the loving care of her new mom.

Her story is a testament to the power of love, trust and persaverlence. Calliope is our muse, our inspiration which drives us to help cats desperately in need - either physically or psychologically.
We will strive to help all animals, paying special attention to those who need our support.
Our goal is to find all our animals their forever home, where they will be loved, nurtured and healed.

"I first went to the Gifford Shelter on Nov 1, 2005 (my b-day is Halloween, and getting a cat was a present to myself, my kitty, Penelope, had passed away a few weeks earlier, and I really missed having a kitty friend to come home to).
I had initially come to the Gifford Shelter to see another kitty when Claudia introduced me to Calliope. Calliope was in a unit by herself and just sat there looking sad. I went over and petted her and she started to purr. I asked Claudia which kitty needed a home the most and she told me that the pretty long haired calico had been at the shelter for 8 months. I was looking for a sweet adult kitty and Calliope fit that bill.

Calliope took a few weeks to adjust - hiding behind my couch and my bed, but purring when I could reach her to pet her. Eventually she came out of her shell and became the loving kitty I longed for. Calliope loves being picked up, snuggling in my lap and bed. She is the most affectionate loving friend I could ask for.
In November 2006 I discovered a red blister on her comes and took her to the vet. It turned out to be cancer. I took her to a wonderful surgeon at Angell who took out a section of her jaw to make sure the cancerous growth was gone. It took her a couple weeks to recover but she is now healthy and happy.
I am forever grateful to Claudia and Brenda for connecting me with Calliope."

- Calliope's adopter