Calliope Rescue
A 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, charitable organization.
The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer? "
~Jeremy Bentham

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Fostering for Calliope Rescue, aka Superheroes wanted.

If you want to be an integral part of animal rescue, become a foster parent!
As a rescue group, we heavily rely on you to get animals off the streets and out of abusive situations.
We are not the heroes, you are! We cannot do it without you- plain and simple. Please note that we do not place ferals or overly-aggressive animals in our foster care network.


Fostering can be both short-term (two or three weeks) and long-term (anywhere from two months to a year). Short-term fostering allows a cat to be assessed and vetted while waiting placement at a no-kill shelter. Long-term fostering would give a senior animal or a special need to have a safe place while waiting for their forever homes. Occasionally, short-term foster parent will have to administer medication to our kitties.
This will be done either orally or externally such as skin ointments.
You will be shown how to do everything. We will take the guess work out of the equation.
You will not have to administer anything that requires needles, unless you have documented experience in administering fluids or insulin shots for your own pets.

We also need foster homes for kittens (YAY, how fun!) Please keep in mind that kittens are like children- they run, play and get into mischief. Kitten-proofing your home is strongly recommended. By that, we mean hiding all cleaning/chemical products in cabinets. Securing any kick-knacks with double-sided Velcro tape or put away for safe-keeping. Never let the kittens in the basement or attic. Furnaces and insulation can be lethal. Confine the kittens to one or two rooms and provide them with hours of fun and play!


What is FIV? Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is not contagious to humans, dogs and other animal species. It only affects cats. A cat with FIV can have a long and healthy life. An FIV+ cat needs high-quality protein diet and aggressive treatment of any secondary infections such as upper respiratory, skin and bladder.
FIV is usually transmitted to other cats from saliva to blood (biting). It is unlikely (but not impossible) that cats will spread FIV by drinking or eating out of the same food dish, or by mutual grooming. FIV positive moms can transmit it to kittens during gestation or birth.
We can only place FIV+ cats in homes without other cats or with cats that are already infected.


If you are interested in fostering dogs, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, birds or any other animal we need your help! In many cat rescue cases, there are other animals that have lived in the same household that have nowhere to go. We do not place dogs in homes with children unless we know that the animal has lived with children before.


Calliope rescue will visit the animal you foster on a regular basis. We must ensure that the animal is healthy and not exhibiting any signs of upper respiratory or other illnesses. We also must get to know the animals so we may match them with the perfect adopters. We again rely on you for information about the animal you foster and we will ask your opinion about placement. Your input will always be valued.

We respect your privacy and will never give out your personal information to the general public. All adoptions are thoroughly screened and conducted by a Calliope Rescue representative. We will come to your house with the prospective adopters.
If you have elected to be a short-term foster for rescues awaiting vet care or placement elsewhere, adopters will not come to your house. If friends and family members want to adopt the animal in your care, they will have to fill out an adoption application and be approved by Calliope Rescue.
If you want to adopt the animal in your care, you will be charged a discounted volunteer adoption fee on the adoption.

We ask that the foster parent obtain litter, litter boxes, food bowls, and food for the animals in their care. In most cases, rabbits, birds and reptiles come with their own cages and tanks. We will give you everything that comes with the animal. Please keep in mind that nutrition is the key to a long and happy life. Please try to feed the animal a quality diet. Most of them are not expensive and can easily be obtained at the grocery store. You will never have to incur any vet care costs. All medications and vet visits are paid for by Calliope Rescue. We are constantly soliciting food donations and pet store gift cards. As soon as we receive these donations, we will use them for our foster animals. For FIV positive cats,and special needs animals requiring vet-prescription diets, Calliope Rescue will incur the cost of that food.

I am ready to make a difference! I want to foster!