Friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter

Submitted Happy Tails
updated September, 2007

Bruno (3/07)

It's been awhile since Bruno has been in his new home. I'll tell you, it didn't him long to adjust to living here. His first few days were spent behind the refrigerator, then in the wall behind the bathroom.
I knew he was OK because he ate and used his box.  I had thoughts that I was going to be sharing my home with a reclusive cat. You all told me there was adjusting, and I read up on it too.
Well voila, he was my alarm clock at 3am one day (lucky enough for me I was actually going to work that early that day). He has been out ruling the place ever since.

Many of you at the shelter knew him and knew his quirks. He is unique with his voice. Bruno lets me know when he feels he is being ignored. He will get up and kind of give a hug on my shoulder if I am sitting.
When I'm on the computer I think he wants to (or may have already) send emails. He writes in a different language since he uses his whole body to type with. 
I told you he can be odd, he will sit on the keyboard. He likes to chase the cursor on the screen.

He is now a spoiled only cat in this household. Oh what a life for him! Volunteering at the shelter I keep finding new favorites, but it wouldn't be fair to another cat here.
1. Bruno rules. 2. The place is small, so I just have to take all the other cats in small doses when I am there at the shelter.

Brian and Bruno

Sabriel (2/07)

Hi, my name is Sabriel and I've been at my new home since 2/18/07.  I'm doing very well and get plenty of love and attention from my new friends Karen and Dan.  They bought me a bunch of new things! 
I got a kitty condo, a fuzzy bed, some cat nip toys, and some balls that I like to bat around.  Some of the places where I like to hang out are on the back of the couch and in the linen closet!!  But my favorite places are the fuzzy bed they bought me and their big bed; and if I feel like it, they let me sleep with them!!!   But even when I decide to sleep in my own bed, I always go upstairs around 5:30am to remind them that it's time for my breakfast.  Believe it or not, I get greeted with hugs and kisses even that early in the morning.  Boy they must really love me!   

Karen likes to brush me, and I love it so much that all she has to do is hold the brush up and I jump right up on the couch for my brushing!  Dan plays with me and runs around with a long string
and I get to chase him.  It's a lot of fun.  I finally found my forever home with my forever humans who I know love me very much.

Orange Julius (7/06)

Hey everybody,

Here are a few pictures of Julius in his new home. He now lives with dogs and kids! They absolutely love him and think he's the coolest thing ever.
They came all the way from New Hampshire to adopt him! Here he is drinking from the dogs water bucket, supervising the dog, and hanging out by the computer
being the boss. I'd say he looks pretty well adjusted and happy wouldn't you? Keep up the good work everyone, this is why we volunteer!        

Rose, FAAS Volunteer

In Loving Memory of Reese aka Mouse (4/06)
To the Volunteers at the Attleboro Animal Shelter,

About 9 years ago my daughters and I adopted a 1 1/2 year old female mixed breed dog from the shelter named, "Mouse."  We re-named her Reese and she has lived very happily with us for the last 9 years.  Reese recently began showing signs and symptoms of Cushing’s Disease.  Her disease progressed extremely quickly and we made the very difficult decision to put her to sleep last week to end her suffering. 

Reese was a wonderful dog and we adopted her during a very difficult time in our lives.  I was a single mother with two young children, one of whom was a depressed teenager.  You suggested a depressed dog so that they could get better together and it worked like a charm for my daughter and for the dog.  We met Reese and fell in love instantly. My teenager emerged from her depression and went on to graduate college Sum Cum Laude.  She has been out of school for two years, lives on her own and was recently engaged to be married.  (Since she missed her dog, she adopted two cats from a shelter near her apartment.) 
The dog also emerged from her depression and truly became a member of our family. 

Our lives continued to change for the better.  I re-married about 5 years ago and Reese took an instant liking to my husband and step-sons.  She grew completely attached to my husband and he truly became her man.  Several years ago, my mother came to live with us and also became very attached to this wonderful gentle dog.  She has been battling lung cancer for the last year and Reese had kept a watchful eye on her all through her treatment.  Several years ago when my mother had a heart valve mal-function, Reese actually sat on her feet to prevent her from walking because she knew that something was wrong.  She has seen our family through many illnesses and always sat by the person who was ill to keep them company.  Her presence absolutely helped my mother pull through a very difficult cancer treatment regime. 

This dog has been a wonderful, loyal, sweet and gentle pet to our entire family.  She brought us tremendous joy during the time
that we had her and we will definitely miss her. 

Donna A.

Storm aka Taz (4/06)

I just received Taz's medical papers in the mail and it reminded me to write you.  I will send a story to Happy Tails once I remember to download some pictures,
but I had to let you know how happy we are with our new addition!

Taz (who we renamed "Storm", both for her gorgeous coloring, and the sister she had to leave behind), is absolutely one of the most wonderful cats ever!!  She has made the past week one of the best I've known, and has quickly become the "baby" of our family, despite her 9 yrs. young age.  My fiancé adores her too, and we sit every night on the couch, snuggling and watching tv with her. She snuggles by at bedtime, and I wake to her sweet face awaiting me every morning.  She is truly my little buddy!  I took your advice on her catnip addiction and spoiled her with toys and treats...even bought a live catnip plant, which she loves.

I don't think I could be any happier with her, and seeing how happy she is with us makes me feel as if it was meant to be!  Thank you (and all of the shelter volunteers) for the dedication you show and the selfless work you do. Taz/Storm thanks you as well!!  :)

Forever grateful, Wendy Boffi

NIIKI aka Nicky w/ Sammy (7/27/05)


Well, it has been a year since I adopted N I I K I (Nicky) on July 27th 2005. He's the little white one on the left. He is sitting next to his best friend and part of his walking pack, Sammy.  Don't let that adorable face fool you, he is one tough cookie. I was a little worried at first and had to work very hard to gain his trust and respect. He must have had a rough life. As sweet and lovable as he could be, he also distrusted every move to do even the smallest thing with him. And he tended to lunge and snap at people if they made too quick a move towards him. It took a month to get him used to a brush and comb without trying to bite me never mind getting near him with scissors...Yikes! I did get bit several times trying to clean his ears. Anything I would have in my hands when I went near him caused suspicion and aggression. Although he is great with my cat and most dogs, he is very cautious of people he doesn't know even though he runs right up to them for a sniff. Thanks to a show called "The Dog Whisperer" and a lot of research, exercise, and socialization his improvement has been dramatic. I stopped feeling sorry for him and whatever happened to him in his past, and started being his pack leader. He has a lot of doggy friends and people he loves, and we go walking with them every evening. He is a pretty happy camper now and I couldn't ask for a better companion.

He lets me do things with him I thought I would never be able to do, including grooming, clipping, cutting his nails and most of all, he lets me clean his ears now. I've learned how to get him to do what I want him to do. He is well worth the effort and has become a neighborhood favorite. People remark at how much better he is. He can still be cranky at times and it takes him a little time to warm up to some people but once he does he is a little love muffin. I love him to death and I am so happy he found his forever home with me. I don't know if any one else would have taken the time to see what a great little dog he is under all his issues.  I highly recommend adopting a rescue dog it is totally worth it. People just need to make sure they find the right match for their life style and energy level.

So, that is the Nicky update, happy, healthy and a work in progress. I'll end with a couple of things. First, thank you to Karen Harvey the dog officer that took Nicky into her home and started him on his socialization.  She obviously saw the diamond in the "ruff". And, I urge anyone who loves dogs to read Cesar Milan's book and to watch his show "The Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic channel. His insight into a dog's mind is amazing. His techniques work, that's all I know. I was frazzled until he showed me everything I was doing wrong. Thanks to the Attleboro shelter for letting me adopt Nicky and take him home that night. Lastly, thanks to my friend Dee and her dog Sammy (also a rescue) for walking Nicky every day while I am at work. 

Thanks, Bev Fernandes

Glacier and Lexus aka Fric and Frac (7/30)

Remember this guy?????
 Look at the latest picture I attached. Glacier and lexus aka fric and frac...

Glacier is doing just great. He loves his sister Lexus very much. They enjoy running full speed ahead through the yard. They run right next to each other barking and wagging their tails. Glacier loves to throw a few spins in when running to try and knock his sister down, she however weighing in at just 8 pounds less and having a lower center of gravity usually tends to knock him over. The two of them are cause for much laughter from the neighbors and visitors. They are two definite clowns. We could not have asked for a better adoption. Both of our pit bulls are ambassadors for the breed. They have the best dispositions. The only time they bark is to alert us that someone is in the yard or about to ring the doorbell. They meet every visitor with wagging tails and if someone is brave enough to bend over they will get the "never ending bully kisses" simultaneously by both dogs.

Ken, Rob, Glacier and Lexus

Nifkin aka Roz (3/05)


We adopted Nifkin A.K.A Roz back in March of 2005.  As you can see she fits right in.  She loves to play with the kids and adopted brother Samson,
we rescued him in January 2006.  They just love each other.  They are both a great part of are family and we love them.

 Loretta, Chuck, Tegan, Nyssa, Nifkin and Samson

Bradley (5/06)

Dear Friends at the Attleboro Animal Shelter~

Bradley is the most loving cat that we've ever met!  He's constantly seeking our attention.  He never stops purring and giving us kisses! 
He constantly follows us around and will always sit contently with us! His ride home with us on Saturday was fine and he immediately adjusted with much contentment!  Thanks for rescuing Bradley back in the winter so we could adopt him! 

 The Devlin Family

Rocky aka Joey (5/06)

Hi there!

We just wanted to send a couple pics of Rocky (adopted as Joey). He is fitting right in w/us! He loves playing w/the boys & Beethoven!! Then he loves to nap!! :)) He has been a very good puppy!!! Beethoven and Rocky spend their days playing w/or w/o toys, running in the backyard or laying in the sun in the backyard, then playing some more!! They eat supper and usually crash on the couch around 8 and then everyone goes to bed! :)) He is a great dog!! Everyone just loves him to pieces!! Thanks for approving our adoption!!

Michele, Jim, Jimmy, Jeremy, Beethoven & Rocky Simmons!! (5/4/06)

Allie aka Kimba (5/06)

"Hi there,  We adopted Allie (formerly Kimba) Dec. 6th 2003.  Attached please find photos.  Allie is doing really well.  She is very loveable and always happy.  It's taken lots of time and patience for some of her bad habits to disappear, but she is worth all of it."  Linda & Spencer Cabral (3/17/06)

Baby Katie (3/3/06)


Hi, Guess who this is? Give up? It's me, Sydney. How is everyone? Well, I have been in my new home since January 21 and I thought I would let you know how I was doing.

Well, where do I begin? I was quite surprised when I got to my new home the first day and saw my new half brother, Patches. We just kept our distance for a while. But Shadow, the Golden Retriever was quite another story. I did my best to try and stay out of his way, but I had to growl at him when he approached me.
The first night Patches and I chased one another over and under my new moms bed. Let me tell you, that did not go over too well with the grownups. It seems that Patches is infatuated with swiping at my tail. What's up with that? Doesn't he know he has one of his own?
The days following, we all spent getting to know one another. I growled at Shadow if he came near me but soon found out it was ok if I approached him. Patches and I were involved in a few rough wrestling matches and my new mom had to step in and break us up. I thought I could run the household but mom had to keep reminding me I was the new cat on the block, and I had to take a step back. We are doing much better now. I think that Patches has gotten used to me being around, but sometimes I still boss him around. After all, I'm one year older than he is. As for Shadow, we are fine now too. I sit and supervise him while he eats, and I walk underneath him all the time. He is very easy going for a dog. However, when he gets too excited, I still get nervous.
Mom has had me to the vet for my little coughing episodes I was having. They put me on antibiotics. I went back yesterday and Doc said I was doing much better. I haven't had an episode since the second day I was on antibiotics. I still have some more to finish...YUCK! Hopefully, I will be ok when I'm finished.
Well, I guess I'll sign off now. Just wanted to say HI to everyone and give my best to all my friends I left behind. I hope that they have found new homes just as I have. Bye, Love Sydney
I just wanted to say that Sydney is really a sweetheart. He is quite loving and has the loudest purr I have ever heard. We wanted a lap cat and he is living up to that and more. We have to be careful walking around because he follows us everywhere we go and is always underfoot. He likes to help when I cook and also when I clean the litter box. He has also acquired a habit from his half brother Patches, that no water is as good as the water in Shadow's dish. They don't drink their own water, only his. He has been sitting on my lap while I type this, making sure I get it right. We have to be careful when sitting down too because he is so fast that he is in our seats before we get there. He has completely won us over. Thank you for suggesting him to me.                                          Carol Cormier (2/9/06)

Murphy (3/9/06)
Murphy is great!!! He must have had a great trainer, would that be you?  He's met my boyfriend and my brother and he likes them too!  I'm so happy with him! I brush and play with him every morning and at night.  He's on my schedule, somewhat.  I kiss him on the head and give him lots of attention and catnip too.  I couldn't ask for a more beautiful creature.  He is eating great, sleeping fine, no accidents at all.  Murphy came out of the carrier on day 1 and hid under the bed for about 1/2 hour.  After that he started to explore the house and now he's feeling comfortable.  I was concerned 'cause he was a little quiet the second day and didn't eat. I spoke to a friend who knows a lot about cats and he said don't worry that he's adjusting to his new surroundings. Maybe he misses the shelter and his friends? 

Anyhow he's been fine the rest of the week. I just can't walk by and ignore Murph, I have to say hello, pat him or something.  Murphy has lots of window seats and an enclosed porch to watch the squirrells, kids, dogs, birds etc. and people walking by.  He likes the sun on his back and the breeze from the window. I play with him alot and rub his chin and his back and give him lots of love and attention. He's great company.  If you're ever in the West Roxbury area, call and stop by to see your friend, Murphy. I started taking pictures and will send them to the shelter when I finish the roll.                                             Thank you! Sheila Gravina

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