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Page County:  A coalition of rescue groups and animal welfare organizations is gathering funds to build a new shelter in Page County, Virginia, where Princess Fluffy was housed. To see a picture of the shelter, visit the Princess Fluffy page, which shows her in a filthy shelter. (She's now safe, clean and looking for a good home.) What you don't see is that normally they have crammed four dogs into these runs, exposing them all to disease. And what you don't know is that this same coaltion has managed to expose and stop the barbaric practice of shelter officials shooting dogs and cats instead of putting them to sleep humanely. They are trying to raise $4.32 for each resident in Page County -- that's all it will take to set up a larger, clean, properly ventilated, heated and cooled kennel. If you can just send $4.32 -- less than one lunch at a fast-food restaurant -- this shelter can get built. Send funds to: AFH - Page County Animal Shelter, P. O. Box 222801, Chantilly, VA 20153. Please reference: Page County Shelter Fund on memo line. Thanks!

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