This is Rosie, one of the best and most beautiful dogs you'll ever meet.

Rosie has a wondrous face with exquisite markings. Her expressions are marvelous, also: Serene and soulful, she looks into humans' eyes with understanding and love, seeing only the best.

Her ability to see the good is why Rosie is so exceptional to us. Though she lost her leg to neglect and had little reason to trust in the kindness of strangers, Rosie was able to trust and hope that things would get better. We have made a promise to her that they will.

We debated about whether to put Rosie as a special needs dog -- however, since she gets around just fine, thank you very much -- we're hoping that someone who is looking for an adoring and adorable companion will believe us when we say that this dog is just as capable of filling that role in your life as any dog we know.

For additional information on Rosie, please visit The Humane Society of Calvert County , or contact Abby at (877) 286-5363 x111.

This pet is: up to date with routine shots, already house trained, altered

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