Spotlight Breed: The BlueTick Coonhound

Why We Love Them: There is greatness in all dogs and all breeds. There is a quality about a blue tick coonhound that just puts a catch in your heart. It may be the incongruity of the breed - here is a dog with the endurance and fortitude to trail and track all night,  the intelligence and instinct to follow a lead across miles of unfamiliar mountains, and the uncanny ability to turn up the next morning - with torn pads and ears - in the same spot where the hunt began, waiting stoically for his human to find him.

Seemingly imperturbable with their doleful expressions and simple needs, they are also almost heartbreakingly vulnerable - as if their contentment with humble fare is a defense against the possibility that there may never be more offered. But nothing compares to the adoring look in those houndly eyes, nor the profound sigh of bliss when that large head is lowered onto your lap to receive gentle petting. Euphoric appreciation attends every meal placed before a coon hound, and there is not another dog we know who can appreciate with such utter abandon the exquisite comfort of a soft, fleecy bed.

In these gentle giants' demeanor there are recognition and abject gratitude for the love they inspire in a human heart. Coonhounds bond in a deep and undemanding manner. Their easy-going personalities help them settle into the rhythms of home life easily and naturally, and they are perfect examples of how to make the most of any situation - from down time to play time - no dog sleeps better, bounds into the car more joyously, endures more patiently, or loves more faithfully than a blue tick coonhound.

(Much of the information below was taken verbatim from an EXCELLENT article on bluetick coonhounds by Ruth Clark Hoffmann! A link to that article, a MUST-READ, is below. )

The bluetick coonhound was developed through crossing among various hounds especially for the hunting of raccoons.

Height: dogs 22 to 27 inches, females 20 to 25 inches.
Weight: dogs 55 to 80 pounds, females 45 to 65 pounds.
Face: They have typical hound looks with an elongated head, pendent ears, and a tail carried horizontally.
Coat: of medium length, soft, sleek, and shiny. They have a light colored base thickly speckled with blue with large markings over their bodies and heads.

Personality:     Originally bred for hunting; kind with children.

Their personalities -- why people love them

Why they aren't for everyone

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