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 Adoption Procedures & Applications 

MJ's Animal Sanctuary works with each potential adopter to help you find the perfect pet for your home! We rescue dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, breeds, and personalities. We work hard to find the right addition to your life so that each pet doesn't just find a house to live in, but rather a home in which to spend the rest of its life being cared for and loved.

We require an adoption application to be completed prior to an animal being placed in a home. As part of the adoption process, we request the prospective home to provide information including a veterinarian that will provide the animal's medical care, personal references, and information about how the animal will be cared for. All members of the household, including any other dogs, must come to meet the potential new addition prior to adoption. In most cases, a home check will also be done to ensure the animal's safety.

We are not a kennel or shelter, and as such we have no visiting hours. All of our dogs and puppies are in foster homes, and we try to ensure the safety of our fosters by requiring pre-screening of your application prior to meeting the dog or puppy. To apply for a dog or puppy, please complete the application you will find at the link below. The application should be returned electronically (a scanned copy or typed and uploaded copy is fine) to MJsAnimalSanctuary@gmail.com. Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed for concerns or missing information. If none are found, it will be sent to volunteers to process for pre-screening which will enable you to meet with the dogs in their foster homes. Once you have met the dog/puppy and decided to adopt it, we require all members of the household to meet the potential new addition and we require a home visit. The entire process usually takes less than a week, but the more work that our volunteers have to do, the longer it takes, so please submit a complete application - the general rule is, if you think it's important, include it! If you think that we will think it's important, include it! If the dog will think it's important - include it! Thank you for your application - we look forward to working with you! Adoption Application (.pdf)

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