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  15498 - Cena
Cena is an adult, neutered male cat who is docile.  He has met other cats and is slowly learning to get used to them.  He enjoys playing with string toys and after playtime, you might find him snuggling next to you.  He is a sweet boy.
  16168 & 16169 - Pepper and Lil Wayne
Pepper and Lil Wayne are two male Guinea Pigs who are cute and curious. Lil Wayne is the brown one and he will come right up to you and check you out. Pepper is the tri colored one who take a little more coaxing to follow you around.  They get along well and enjoy exploring their cage for hidden treats.
  16238 - Suki
Okay all you Akita savvy people, come on by and take a look at Suki, our 5 yr old, female, red and white Akita.  She is super loyal and super happy to be bonded to one person.  Suki has been friendly and tolerant of strangers and friendly toward older children too.  Suki has met a few dogs and true to her breed she does not get along with all of them.  If you have a dog, you ma...read more about 16238 - Suki
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Dog on a 10 Foot Chain


"I have written over 300 songs.  A song I wrote was recorded by Alison Krauss, a Grammy-Winning Artist, and I have recorded over 133 songs that I wrote, as well.

I usually write songs that soothe my soul, by telling the world what is hurting me.  There are some folks that live near me who have 10 big beautiful yellow labs on chains.  They look so cold and miserable when it rains.  The temperatures here have dropped to close to zero for about 30 nights, which is more than usual.  I have to force myself to look the other way when I drive by.

I also have another neighbor who has a gorgeous little Beagle on a chain, who also looks horribly miserable.  While I have reported these animals to the “Animal Cops” here in my area, and the Humane Society, unfortunately they can’t do anything, because they aren’t breaking any laws.

I literally have not slept a whole night through in weeks, during these cold temperatures, worrying about all the suffering going on.  My Mom and I have cried about it.  When I wrote the song, it was always in my heart and my head, those words…..and I was finally able to make them come out!

I wrote “Dog On a 10 Foot Chain” last Friday, and recorded it on Saturday evening, and uploaded it Monday.  It has been viewed almost 1,000 times in 4 days.  I am trying to change the world, and hope to see it someday be illegal to have a doggie on a chain.

I will be doing a new album in Nashville in April.  It will be my fifth album, and I plan to record this song on a very nice Steinway 9 foot Grand Piano with cello, bass violin and violin.

I have always loved animals. When people let you down, animals never do. I would be completely honored if you wanted to share my song anywhere, anytime.

When my Mom heard the song for the 1st time, she said “Maybe those dogs suffering down there have not lived in vain.”  Maybe your song can help change the world.   And I am a dreamer!
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!
Donna Hughes"


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