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rottweiler mix , 1 year old, female

Abby is sweet and playful - just like a doggie should be! learn more


Bodie and Wiley
Alaskan malamutes, 2 year old, male

Please help Bodie and Wiley. Through no fault of their own they are homeless. learn more


chihauhau, 2-3 years old, female

Cammy was rescued shortly after this picture was taken at a rural kill shelter. Better pics coming soon. Cammy is very sensative and will require a patient, quiet, loving home to rehab in. learn more


rottweiler mix, 1year old, female

Maddie (sister of Abby, above) is sweet and playful. She loves attetnion, and loves napping with people best of all. learn more


spaniel mix , 1 year old, male

Monty was abandoned as a puppy. As a result, he needs someone to work with him on socialization. He likes the people that he knows, but is wary of strangers. Monty is good with other dogs. learn more


Siberian Husky , 4 years old, male

Skye is well-trained, housebroken, and is good with people and other dogs.
learn more


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