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Please help by volunteering an hour or two a week from the comfort of your home. Please write for more information.

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Chihuahua, 1.5 years old, male

Charlie is an adorable little neutered 1 1/2 year old black and tan chihuahua who loves everyone! Charlie is up to date on vaccines and is on heartworm preventative. This little darling is extremely good natured and friendly with people, dogs and even cats! learn more


German shepherd or pug mix, 4 months old, male

Toby seems to be about 4 mos old. Toby came to us from a rural kill shelter where he had been dropped off as a stray. He was supposed to be a pug mix but we think he has some German Shepherd and maybe even some boxer. learn more


chihauhau, 2-3 years old, female

Cammy was rescued shortly after this picture was taken at a rural kill shelter. Better pics coming soon. Cammy is very sensative and will require a patient, quiet, loving home to rehab in. learn more

Bodie and Wiley
Alaskan malamutes, 2 year old, male

Please help Bodie and Wiley. Through no fault of their own they are homeless. learn more


Abby and Maddie
rottweilers, 1 year old, females

These two sisters are both sweet, playful, and smart. learn more about Abby




learn more about Maddie





Read this great article about easing the transition when adopting a new dog

Attention Military Personnel
Are you being deployed overseas and don't have anybody to care for your pet? Don't take them to a shelter - contact Operation Noble Foster instead. They will find a foster home for your pet until you return.

Watch this great spay/neuter video on YouTube

Donate a Bed for a Needy Dog

We have dogs who will be sleeping on the floor this winter because we don't have enough beds. Allbreed loves Kuranda beds because they are durable and chew-proof. If you would like to donate a bed, click here. Thank you - you'll sleep better, too!

Enter your dog in The Great American Mutt Contest.

Your dog could be voted America's favorite mutt and you could win some great prizes. Click on the link above for more info.

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Dodger & Oliver

Four-month-old male beagle pups. Sweet and cuddly. Need someone home more than not as they need training. learn more


about all breed dogs

All Breed dogs are spayed or neutered as soon as medically possible as determined by an All Breed veterinarian. All dogs are up-to-date on shots and healthy. They have all been lucky enough to be in foster homes where they have been cared for and observed by experienced dog owners. We provide as much detail as known about all of our dogs, and we will not sugar-coat a serious problem. If a dog has an ongoing medical condition (e.g., deaf), we will make it clear and provide as much detail as possible.


our guarantee

We stand behind the placement of all of our dogs. If for some reason it does not work out at ANY POINT during the dog's lifetime, our contract stipulates that the dog must be returned to All Breed.


A Foster Parent Speaks

Thank You for bringing this foster dog into my life. Had I not made the decision to participate in  rescue, I would never have had  the  chance  to  meet him. If I had sat here comfortably in my  home and said "I already have four dogs and I know that I couldn't take in another - even on a temporary  basis," I would never have met this dog.

Yes, it takes time to rescue and foster... but who gave me Time in the first place? And why or what was the reason I was given Time? To  fill  my own needs? Or was there another reason ever so small and seemingly insignificant, like rescuing this one dog, that could make a difference in an other's life?  Perhaps to add  joy, hope, help and companionship to another who is in need?

With great sadness,  I sat  down  on a footstool in my  kitchen this morning and watched as this foster dog bounced back into the  house  and  skidded across the floor to
sit ever so perfectly in front of me. He was the picture of health, finally. He was all smiles for me.... and I smiled back at his happy face.  Deep in his  eyes, the storm clouds of illness  and generalized poor health had  blown away, and the clear light of  his  perfection  radiated out from his beautiful soul. He holds no ill will toward man. He forgives us all.

I  thought to myself as I impressed this one last long look of him into my heart, what a very fine creature you have created. Tears slowly pooled and spilled over my cheekbones as the deeper realization of how wonderful this  dog is sank into my internal file cabinet of Needful Things to Remember. Lord, he's a dog - but he's a better human being than I am.

He  has  forgiven  quickly. Would I do the same? He passionately  enjoys the simple things in life. And I have often overlooked them. He accepts change and gets on with his life. I fuss and worry about change. He lives today and loves today. And I often dwell in the past or worry about the future. He loves no matter what. I am not that free.

This very lovely dog has gone to his new home today and already I miss him. Thank You for bringing this dog into my life. And Thank You for the beautiful and tender lesson on how to be a better human.

- Author Unknown