To improve quality of life and promote the responsible way to treat all pets.

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Welcome to RPC

Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills provides a safe and comfortable environment for dogs and cats from Oxford County, Maine that have become lost or have been abandonded.

Responsible Pet Care is a no-kill, non-profit shelter. All of the cats and kittens in our care need permanent homes and are available for adoption. Many of the dogs will be reunited with their owners; but some will require new homes.

Whether you are looking for your lost pet or you want a companion, make Responsible Pet Care the first place you visit.

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Your New Best Friend


Picture of Rex the dogRex is looking for love and leadership. He is a dog that will shine with an owner who knows and understands pack leadership. He will greet you with ears forward and tail wagging. In the right hands he will be a loving and loyal companion.


Picture of Neilsen the catNeilsen is one of those big, orange boys that everyone likes. He likes high places and can often be found on top of a kennel napping or even on the top of a high cabinet. He makes friends with other cats quickly and is particularly fond of the kittens. This quiet cat would enjoy a home with other cats where there are no expectations of him being a lap cat.

Find more best friends waiting for you.

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