To improve quality of life and promote the responsible way to treat all pets.

...Responsible Pet Care Mission Statement

Welcome to RPC

Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills provides a safe and comfortable environment for dogs and cats from Oxford County, Maine that have become lost or have been abandonded.

Responsible Pet Care is a no-kill, non-profit shelter. All of the cats and kittens in our care need permanent homes and are available for adoption. Many of the dogs will be reunited with their owners; but some will require new homes.

Whether you are looking for your lost pet or you want a companion, make Responsible Pet Care the first place you visit.

Your New Best Friend


Picture of Ginger the dog Ginger is a romantic. She is patiently waiting for her person to walk in the door of RPC and fall in love with her. She loves to run around in the snow. When she goes out in the play yard she will run around like crazy for the first couple of minutes because she is so happy to be outside. She loves her walks and is happy to walk on leash. She is treat-motivated so training is easy. Ginger is ready to be loved and to give unconditional love to her special someone. We know there is a happy ending for Ginger where she will be a faithful companion lying at her person's feet at the end of the day.


Picture of Snowy the cat Snowy is pure white with a pink nose, but her coloring is not the only things that makes her stand out. This one year old cat definitely knows her own mind. She has her likes and dislikes and touching is on her terms. Snowy is adjusting slowly to being with people she trusts. The person that adopts her will have to be patient with her, be willing to speak softly to her, and give her time to acclimate to her new home. Snowy will always be unique. The right person will love her for her interesting qualities.
Find more best friends waiting for you.

Friends of RPC

We are forming a task force and need people that want to help plan and work at fund raising events for the shelter. We need planners, organizers, and doers to take positions as committee chairpeople, group leaders, volunteer organizers, and workers. We already have several events per year. We need help with these events and more ideas for future events.

The process starts with an application. When we have received enough applications to proceed there will be an initial meeting. If you are interested in joining the Friends of RPC or you want to learn more about it, please download the application.
Volunteer Task Force Application.

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