To improve quality of life and promote the responsible way to treat all pets.

...Responsible Pet Care Mission Statement

Welcome to RPC

Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills provides a safe and comfortable environment for dogs and cats from Oxford County, Maine that have become lost or have been abandonded.

Responsible Pet Care is a no-kill, non-profit shelter. All of the cats and kittens in our care need permanent homes and are available for adoption. Many of the dogs will be reunited with their owners; but some will require new homes.

Whether you are looking for your lost pet or you want a companion, make Responsible Pet Care the first place you visit.

Dear Santa...


Picture of Buddy the dogDear Santa,
I want a yard to play in, a new ball to catch, and a family that will love me. I want these for myself and for all my friends at the shelter. We have all been good dogs this year. We promise to try our best to be loyal companions to our new people. Most of all, Santa, we want to be someone's best friend.


Picture of Gracie the catDear Santa,
I want a lap I can sit on and someone to rub my hear and call me a "good girl." If it's not too much to ask for I want good homes for all my friends at the shelter, too. Some of us have been here for a cat's age. We dream of the day when our person walks into the shelter and takes us home. Please make that happen for us, Santa.

Find more best friends waiting for you.

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