Featured Story: The Little Wonder...

I was at Kent County Animal Control to pick up some of our pulls last week and as I was getting ready to leave one of the girls followed me and said ‘Hey, how about this one?’  I admit I squealed when I saw the adorable little ball in her hand but could tell right away that she was blind, the girl handed her to me and we talked for a while about her being a "stray" which NONE of us believed...but once you arrive at AC it is what it is...so stray she was. She had to stay at AC for the next 7 days, all the while I was communicating with the AC vet, Dr. Wright, (awesome lady!).  The Dr. did some blood work and connected with some colleagues, going way above and beyond what was required.

Wonder Wonder

After 7 long days her stray hold was up and I went back to pick her up.  It was a frantic day at Animal Control, it was Tailgate eve and everyone was in a hurry but we finally did get out of there.  Wonder’s blood samples were shipped off to the lab to make sure her other organs were working fine.  All is well and she continues to grow.

Wonder Wonder

Wonder is missing not only her eye sight and hearing, but also her mother and siblings to play and sleep with.  I’ve been warming her formula and toys for warmth.  She is learning quickly and already knows some "touch" commands, come, I’m going to pick you up and time to eat!  She is very smart and free willed. She is just like any other puppy, only she has to be taught with touch...really AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!


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