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AUGUST 5, 2005

ATTENTION: Recently, MISR's efforts to recruit new and continuing foster homes has failed and we have reached a critical state. At this time, we will no longer be able to admit new cats to our program until this shortage has been resolved. Sadly, cats needing rescue are at an all time high, and we are turning cats away almost daily. We have a strong network of dedicated volunteers that are willing and able to keep MISR running, but we are in dire need of places for these cats to live until their forever homes have been found. We intend to focus our immediate efforts on the recruitment of new fosters as soon as possible, but we need your help. If you, or anyone you know, have ever even entertained the thought of getting involved in rescue, please consider fostering. We are more then happy to provide additional information and answer any questions, and we are available by phone and by email for close follow up and mentoring, every step of the way. There is no obligation at all, so please inquire for more details.

A few common misconceptions about fostering:

· "I don't have anywhere for a foster cat to stay".
Most everyone has a spare bedroom, bathroom, partially finished basement, computer room, or even guest bathroom that can serve quite admirably as a foster cat suite. After the trials many cats suffer through to make it into a rescue situation, they are exceedingly grateful to have a comfortable, safe place to sleep, and food to eat.

· "I don't have the time and/or money for a foster cat".
MISR pays for all vet expenses and special needs costs incurred by our cats, so the only financial output for the foster home is the nominal cost of food and litter. With regard to time, although more is usually better, any play, grooming, petting, or care giving time you an spare makes a huge difference in the life of a cat that may have been abused, abandoned, or been in a shelter environment with little or no one -on -one attention.

· "I would get too attached and not be able to let my foster be adopted". Although admittedly it can be difficult to let these cats go on to their forever homes when you've cared for and loved them, in reality we can't adopt them all ourselves, and by fostering you can help so many needy cats find safety and happiness that otherwise may have been euthanized. MISR screens potential adopters very carefully, and each foster home is involved in meeting potential adopters after they are screened and talking with them to ensure "their" cat goes to a home that is the "right fit".

We remain committed to helping the Siamese of Michigan and surrounding areas. We hope to be successful in our recruitment efforts and very soon start accepting cats again. In the interim, our website will remain active as a resource, and we are available to our past adopters for support and follow up. In addition, we are able to continue to offer owner-assisted placement of cats, where the cat(s) remain in their current homes, while we search for and screen potential adopters. If we are not able to resolve the foster crisis in the next few months, we will reassess MISR's status at that time. We greatly appreciate all your support, and again implore you consider being a foster home and/or to spread the word far and wide for the sake of the Siamese.
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