Adoption Requirements
Adopting one of our Friends

You can begin the process of adoption by visiting our Adoptable Cats to identify the cat or kitten you are interested
in.  The next step is to attend one of our adoption events to fill out an evaluation form and see your 'new friend' in
person.  Your evaluation form will be reviewed on site to determine if you meet our adoption qualifications.  If you are
approved, and adoption contract will be completed and you will take your 'new friend' home.  Adoption fees are payable
by cash only.  Remember to bring a carrier to take your new cat/kitten home.  You will not be allowed to leave the
adoption event unless your cat/kitten is confined in a carrier for it's safety and yours.  While we do not like to break
hearts, the future care and well-being of our cats/kittens is our top priority in determining your eligibility to adopt. 
Our adoption fee covers all necessary vaccinations and medical testing.  For kittens too young to be spayed/neutered,
the fee will include a deposit which is refundable when you show proof of sterilization.
Adoption Policies

When adopting from Feline Friends, all adopters must be at least 21 years of age.  If you live in an apartment,
townhouse, mobile home community or a condo, you must provide a copy of your lease addendum or condo
association bylaws or a letter from your landlord proving that cats are allowed.  If a security deposit is required by
your landlord or condo association, you must provide proof that the deposit has been paid.  If you are an adult
living in someone else's home, they must be with you at the time of adoption.  If adopting a family pet, everyone
in the family must agree with the decision to adopt.
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