Abby's Last Second Rescue

Please read another heart warming miracle story.

One of the dog rescue groups found this little sick Chihuahua-Beagle dog in a shelter but they could not rescue the dog because they didn't have a foster home available. Only hours were left before the little dog was scheduled to be euthanized. The group was searching desperately for available space in other groups. Gina, the Precious Pets Adoption League President, received the call during adoption show January 19, 2008. She was asked to rescue older small dog with a breast tumor. This very sweet dog's life was depending on a decision that Gina, was about to make...

"YES, WE WILL TAKE HER!" was the answer.

Beth, who just started to volunteer with Precious Pets Adoption League, went to the shelter and took Abby home. Abby was very happy for the first two days then started to show signs of depression. In a few days Doctor Wilson examined Abby and recommended an operation to remove the breast lump. This was the only way to help Abby. Gina decided that a shortage of money can not stand in the way of this rescue. The operation will be done!
Doctor Wilson had an opening in his schedule so Abby was operated on shortly after. During the operation the Doctor removed several tumors and sent sample tissue to test for cancer. Otherwise, Abby's operation went well, she was also spayed. The spay, at this late in life, was to prevent hormone production, suspected to be the cause of tumors development. With a lot of TLC the dog started to slowly recover from the operation and her sicknesses.

Sadly, the biopsy report was positive for CANCER...
Beth and her family decided to give Abby the love, the care and the home for as long as it will be needed.

In a few days we received a good news from the veterinary clinic: the second retest came back NEGATIVE for cancer!!! At this point the prognoses were good, but the cancer could come back.
Since Abby's new family can't afford the medical expenses Precious Pets Adoption League committed to provide medical care for Abby now and in the feature.

UPDATE from Beth, February 04, 2008
"Abby is doing great!!!! She is happy and very well adjusted to her new home. In fact she is the Queen of her new castle. She lets us know what she wants and we happily obey. lol She has gained some weight and runs around like she's a puppy. I think she knows she is loved and cared for. We are very fortunate to have Abby in our lives and hope we can make the rest of her life as happy as she has made us. Thank you!!!"

Please help us to pay for the medical bills in this heart breaking case. Abby's medical expenses have reached $412.

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