Rescue of Baby

Christmas and New Year without miracles?

Not if Precious Pets Adoption League can help!

Before Christmas 2007, we received a call from a lady, Maggie, who found a 4 month old kitten ''Baby'' outside her apartment. Baby2.jpg She took the kitten home and fed him. Soon she noticed that the kitten had some major problem with his back leg. She couldn't pay for a veterinarian examination and X-rays because she did not have any income. Her friend committed to pay for food and litter for the kitten, but he could not afford the veterinarian expense either. They decided to call rescue groups in the Sterling Heights area to see if any help was available. Gina, the Precious Pets Adoption League president, offered to look over the cat and see if their worries were substantiated. When we saw the kitten, it was clear that we did not have the expertise to determine whether the kitten had been injured or was born with a deformed leg. We realized that professional help was needed. The kitten was shivering when we examined his leg, which means that he could be in a lot of pain. Gina without any contemplation said:

''we will help with what we can... we will get the cat to the veterinarian for an examination, a deworming, and X-rays to see what is wrong. Later, we may also be able to help with the neutering.''

We couldn't just say 'sorry' and let Maggie go home without providing any help for the kitten. Precious Pets Adoption League does not have many financial resources to offer, but we did it anyway. If anybody reading this heart touching story can help, please do. The injured kitten needs an operation that we would not be able to pay for. And for proper health maintenance the kitten will also need to be tested for FIV / FeLV and get vaccinations like RCP and Rabies.

Dec-21-2007 Update:
Baby was seen by our veterinarian, the FIV/FeLV combo test was negative, he was vaccinated and dewormed. The diagnosis is that he has a complete fracture of the thighbone. Two disconnected pieces! He must have been in quite a bit of pain. Baby was referred to Doctor Wilson to do the surgery. He probably will put a rod down through the marrow. The doctor may have him neutered at the same time.

Dec-26-2007 Update:
Doctor Wilson told us that the injury was very severe, and older than we thought originally. He said there was a lot of scar tissue that had formed. He said it may be worse when he opens the leg. He may have to attach a metal crod, or if that does not work, he will have to amputate the leg. He said the kitten had a lot of pain (what we feared all along). Baby might have been only a few weeks old when this happened. We felt from the start, that this could be really bad. Doctor Wilson is going to take Baby out to his other Hospital. He may operate on him tonight. We pray that he doesn't have to amputate that leg. That little kitten doesn't deserve any more pain!

Dec-28-2007 Update:
Baby was operated and came home last night. Maggie pick up the kitten greatly relieved. Baby had a 3 inch scar, and fully shaved leg. He had a bracket placed inside his leg. But NO amputation! Maggie said that the kitten was moving around quite a bit.

Dec-31-2007 Update:
Sheila, our dedicated foster, helped Maggie to confine Baby so the injured leg heals properly. Here is the update from her:
''Yesterday, I spent most of the day at Maggie's apartment. After hearing that ''Baby'' could still lose his leg, if not properly confined, I raced off to store to buy the grid for a cage for him. Baby looked pretty out of it. He is on pain medication and Clavamox. His little leg looked pretty much as expected. The 3 inch incision seems to be healing nicely. His leg is completely stiff, I would guess from trauma and swelling. The whole leg had been shaved for the surgery, and front leg also, for the I.V. Once I got the cage built, he looked comfortable, in the bed I provided. Sweet angel kitten. I hope he is truly on the mend! He has a January 7, 2008 follow-up appointment.''

Jan-09-2008 Update:
Past Monday the Doctor Wilson examined Baby, and declared that everything looked pretty good. He removed the stitches, but was unable to do more that day. Maggie had to make another appointment to do another xray, and to get his booster vaccinations.

Baby-now.jpg Feb-02-2008 Update:
Maggie called and told us that Baby was taken for a checkup and X-ray of his healing leg. The Doctor said that he is doing very well. The kitten is happy again, playing without pain!

The medical bills for Baby are over $1,200.00!

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