Bruno's Story

In the Fall of 2007, a family left Michigan when they needed new jobs.
They took their dog but sadly they left a 5 months old kitten with their mother. This elderly lady came to the Precious Pets Adoption League adoption show asking for help because the cat was "too much for her to handle". The kitten didn't had any veterinarian record. Precious Pets Adoption League volunteer Sheila took the kitten home and scheduled appointment for examination and vaccinations. Shortly after a young couple adopted Bruno. Please read their exciting email below.

Bruno4.jpg Sheila,

It took me a while, but I finally am able to download my pictures and send you some of Bruno loving his new home!

He has really come alive in the past two weeks and he has grown so much in that short time as well! Bruno adopted us just as much as we adopted him! Bruno is a very active kitty. He loves playing with a golf ball (he bats it around and then watches it roll!) and a Santa spring loaded ornament. So far, he hides under the Christmas tree and has not climbed up it. He has batted at the ornaments, but hasn't broken any yet. And yes, as parents do, we even bought him a few Christmas presents!
Bryan keeps reminding me that I was so worried about having a pet, this being my first. He jokes that he wishes I would just try to love the cat more655555555544 (That was Bruno running across the keyboard!) I am so thrilled with having Bruno as a part of the family. He adds a lot of joy to this house. Thanks for having the perfect kitty at the purrrfect time for us!

Merry Christmas!

Bryan and Kristin and Bruno

Bruno.jpg Bruno1.jpg
Bruno2.jpg Bruno3.jpg

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