Christa's Story

Christa (born in 2001) was given up by an elderly owner that was no longer physically able to care for her. She was a very sweet, loving dog, that was content to just be petted. She was the perfect dog for someone that would like a calm companion that no longer behaved like a puppy, but she still enjoyed going for walks and playing fetch.
Precious Pets Adoption League found perfect place for Christa - in a senior living facility. We have received email that Christa acclimated very well and is loved by everybody. The name of the senior living facility was withheld from this public web site until we obtain permission to publish current Christa's pictures with the residents.
Pre-adoption picture of Christa in 2006 is on the right.
"Hi, we adopted Christa (lab/shepherd mix) from you a few months ago to live in our senior living facility with us and I have some pics of her and our residents I thought you might enjoy. If you will provide me with an address I will gladly send them to you so you can see for yourself how much joy she is bringing to our senior residents. Christa is a loving dog who really enjoys checking out all of the visitors who come in and socializing with the residents. She is getting a lot of love and petting from the residents and staff and she is really one of the family here at (senior living facility). Thanks to your organization and especially foster dad Aaron for helping to find a nice home for a deserving animal. Christa sees the groomer once a month for a pedicure and bath and has all the cookies she can eat, she is happy to "shake" and has learned to sit and stay as well as stay down like a good girl! We love her very much and she seems to like it here as well. I will send more pics along the way, she has her own bed and basket of toys (that she couldn't care less about) and she is a friendly, well adjusted puppy. Thanks for all of the great work you do! Please email me with an address and I will send you the pictures!"