Church's Story

Hi Precious Pets Adoption League!

I just wanted to update you on the little American Eskimo mix I adopted on August 18th from the Lakeside Petco. He didn't have a name and not much was known about him when I met him. Apparently he had been left outside an area business with another small dog. I walked into Petco to kill some time before meeting some friends for lunch. I had wanted a second dog for some time, and when I layed eyes on the little fluffy white fella I fell in love. I thought about him all through lunch and brought my mom and friends back to the pet store to meet him. I took him home that day.
Church (that's what we named him) has been a loveable and welcomed addition to our family. He gets along very well with our 3 cats and absolutely LOVES his big sister Polly, a border collie mix. We had a few potty training and chewing issues at first, but I broke down and got a kennel for Church to stay in during the day. I was never a big fan of cages, but Church knows that's his special place, and goes in without me even having to tell him. (Of course he knows he's going to get a treat, too!) The household has remained accident and chew-free since, and everyone's much more content.
Church loves the water. Even the vet was surprised when I told him, considering Church's breed. But he loves to bob for apples and dive for golfballs at grandma's house, and it's hard to keep him out of the Koi pond at our house! He zips around the yard in crazy-eights, trying to get Polly to chase him, then walks right into the water and LAYS DOWN! (Only on hot days though—he's no dummy.)

We're starting some obedience classes in November. I'd like to get Church and Polly involved in flyball or agility. I think Church is a natural for flyball. He's so fast! He out-ran the neighbor's German Wirhaired Pointer, and that dogs' legs are about 4 times longer than Church's!

Church is so silly. He always makes me smile with his cute antics. He loves to lay on his back in your arms. Then when you talk to him he tries to touch your mouth with his paw. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing me and Church together! I so appreciate what you do.

Sincerely, Stefanie F